110 Exterior Camper Design Photos And Ideas

“Every single part of the Living Vehicle design and engineering is completely new for 2020,” says Matthew. “It has a 100% aluminum structure, frame, and floor—with no wood products part of the structural system. It also has outstanding insulation design, with extensive thermal testing for very hot and very cold travel.” The Living Vehicle is wrapped in anodized, marine-grade aluminum that is highly weather-, water-, and scratch-resistant.
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The Mohican tiny home has a starting price of $62,000, and it’s made by Amish craftsmen in Ohio. The 20' tiny home, which can be built in as little as eight weeks, has an unfinished exterior and a light and bright, minimalist interior that packs all the essentials into a compact footprint.
Curved portholes help bring The Wave's marine-inspired look to life.
The exterior is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum.
The 26-foot trailer's aluminum hull draws design inspiration from the tapered bow and stern of a yacht.
Living Vehicle's founder Matthew and Joanna Hofmann in the 2019 model.
Living Vehicle's 2020 model just debuted this week.
Large Andersen windows punctuate Outlook Shelter, merging the indoors and outdoors.
Humble Hand Craft also converts vans into campers with their signature aesthetic.
The Airstream was christened the Navajo Maiden after a postcard the couple found inside the Airstream with a picture of a Native American woman and the words "Navajo Maiden" on the front.
With its original aluminum facade polished to a high shine, the fully restored Airstream is designed to go off-the-grid with rooftop solar panels with an inverter, a composting toilet, and a large water tank.
Taking your holiday adventure from land to sea is now easier than ever thanks to the Sealander, a tiny amphibious camper that starts right under $20,000.
Taxa's 2019 Cricket camper is designed for active travelers and starts at $29,000.
An efficient, well-planned layout makes the Vista Boho trailer comfortable for longer trips.
The HC1 features an adaptive interior that can be fully customized to suit different needs.
Gull-wing doors flank a three-quarter-size mattress that sleeps two adults.
The couple repainted the exterior with an oil-based paint in a custom-mixed, sea-foam green hue. Fun add-ons include a roof deck for storing paddleboards and stargazing. They can attach hammock posts to the deck to suspend hammocks up high as well.
Witzling and Underwood stepping out of the truck cabin.
The exterior shape, which echoes that of a covered wagon, is a riff on a whimsical design that the Parhams have previously created for clients. It also employs some tricks that maximize the home's tiny footprint.
The duo continues to embrace the freedom of life on the road. From coast to coast, sea to mountains, park to park, the adventure is endless.
Gropius’ Bauhaus building in Dessau is a mecca for design lovers.
The Bauhaus bus will travel the world, visiting four cities in celebration of the school's centenary year.
Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel designed the 161-square-foot bus version of the iconic workshop wing of the Bauhaus school building in Dessau.
Designed by Bauhaus founding director Walter Gropius, the school embodies the movement's core principles and values.
The Kugelschiff is a live/work Airstream trailer that can travel the landscape.
An innovative splash of color carries this trailer into compatibility with the pink clouds striating the horizon.
With the residents awake inside, this trailer's burnished glow reflects the sunset.
The exterior of the Cashio's Airstream Sovereign.
Few things capture the spirit of intrepid road tripping and outdoor adventuring better than trailers and camper vans. Yet don't worry if you're not quite ready to buy your own mobile mini home just yet. These 10 options allow you to enjoy the freedom and convenience of mobile living, without making the full-time commitment.
Staying true to Airstream founder Wally Byam Credo’s mission “to provide a more satisfying, meaningful way of travel that offers complete travel independence, wherever and whenever you choose to go,” Airstream recently released the new Basecamp—the lightest trailer in the Airstream fleet.
Brian and Joni Buzarde’s self-designed home sits on a customized chassis by PJ Trailers that’s just eight and a half feet wide. The 236-square-foot trailer is clad in cedar.
Renzo Piano's Diogene cabin on the Vitra campus in Switzerland, as published in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
The HC1 also features classic wheel fenders and comes in seven retro-inspired colors.
A large rear hatch allows you wheel in your bicycle, motorcycle, or rafting gear.
You’ll notice the design includes vintage-inspired teardrop rear side markers.
Along with a 100-percent double-hull fiberglass shell, each camper has large panoramic windows that fully open.
The camper is equipped with marine-quality parts and accessories that have been personally tested by the Happier Camper team.
The DROPLET has a kitchen at the rear which includes an acrylic, easy-to-clean countertop and backsplash; two LED lamps; a 12-volt slide-out fridge; a two-burner propane cooking stove; and drawers for storage. The sink is deep enough for dishes, and a closed-loop water system is hand-pump operated.
The first impression Meag got from the bus—which had its original black paint chipped away to reveal the dull, red primer underneath—was "don’t come too close, I’ll bite you," but Ben felt that it had great bones and plenty of potential.
"I designed it to have as few right angles as possible, so that it would cut through the high winds on the freeway, but also look unique," says Witzling.
The Lume Traveler’s kitchen is accessed from a rear hatch similar to a teardrop trailer. There is also a 40-liter fridge below the counter that slides out as needed, with plenty of storage for all your cooking supplies.
exterior view of the house
Custom outdoor furniture sits on the decks of each trailer.
Each trailer has an eclectic mix of decor, combining simple and custom furnishings with colorful textiles from around the world.
Trailers are available in various sizes and feature a king or queen bed with an additional twin bed/sofa. The space also has an indoor bathroom/shower, as well as AC/heater and a deck.
The couple have named the revamped trailer the Cougar Den.
Living Vehicle's T27 Life model starts at $150,000, and the company is launching more affordable units this summer.

Zoom out for a look at the modern exterior. From your dream house, to cozy cabins, to loft-like apartments, to repurposed shipping containers, these stellar projects promise something for everyone. Explore a variety of building types with metal roofs, wood siding, gables, and everything in between.