72 Staircase Metal Tread Metal Railing Design Photos And Ideas

The materials are limited to white millwork and white oak. “When we come home, we want something serene,” Broughton says.
Main stair
Staircase-VILLA CP
Stair screen
Making the most of a modest budget, the Hot Rod House relies on a single move—the insertion of a folded steel stair—to provide circulation while becoming a free-standing 3-D sculptural element. Large pivoting windows open the house to the outside. From a technical standpoint, the house serves as an on-going research project, e.g., the window frames double as the structural moment frame for the house, and the stair is constructed without stringers. Photo by Benjamin Benschneider.
Mario Plasencia, the architect, used wood to wrap the exterior stairwell.
Rather than a one-off custom piece, Baker designed the daybed as a prototype and worked with Ohio Design on its fabrication.
The burled redwood slab from Aborica serves as a dramatic portal as you descend into the lower zone of the Escape Pad. The custom partition housing the tub and powder room area lie beyond. The custom metal works was by Metropolis Metalworks.
Games and toys await in the entryway.
A laser-cut-steel staircase connects the two floors.
Futuristic floating stairs lead to the loft’s mezzanine. Throughout the lower level, natural stone was chosen for the flooring, laid at an irregular angle to add visual interest.
Bent metal stair treads and risers incorporate a modern element which provides access to the sleeping quarters up top.
Church wanted a steel staircase inspired by a Jean Nouvel design. Her architect and contractor collaborated on an economical version that is used both inside and out.
Staircase to Second Floor
A lack of walls and doors generates a compact but continuous space for living.
The sharp ridgeline and soaring soffit reference a tent-like experience in an architecturally elegant way.
a ray of light penetrating the livingromm
The owners shared Turnbull Griffin Haesloop’s dedication to green design, and agreed to modifications—like solar panels and passive heating and cooling elements—to earn the property LEED Platinum certification. The living room’s oversized fan is by Big Ass Fans. Ultra-Tec created the cable system on the stairs and guardrail.
Rimrock | Olson Kundig
They lengthened the kitchen by removing a ground-level bathroom. This created a much larger kitchen/living/dining area, complete with a central fireplace.
“We took away a very thick, heavy staircase that led to the loft, and designed one that had a much lighter look,” Wåhlin says. “The new one, made of steel, looks simple and indeed light—but is in fact super heavy and was a real challenge to construct.”
Rising to a catwalk above, a huge glass-and-steel central stair envisioned by the architect spans four floors of the Chiavellis’ newly expanded house.
Locally sourced Italian slate covers the ground floor rooms; the coat rack near the entrance is from Zanotta.
The spiral stairs were fabricated in the Bay Area and shipped in the same container as the furniture.
The trip from garage to first floor is through a wood-clad spiral staircase that resembles a giant slatted barrel.
The staircase has a floating metal landing that connects to a fir plywood wall.
The sculpture on the wall is by artist Peter Dudek, a friend of the family, and the pendants are by Glashütte Limburg. Baumann made a point to integrate industrial materials throughout, exposing steel beams and setting the floor in concrete.
Long, unobstructed corridors along the spine of the house provide ample cross-ventilation during warmer months—as well as sightlines that unite different areas of the home’s narrow, linear footprint. “When you’re in the back of the building, you can literally see the front door of the person across the street,” says architect and resident Philippe Baumann. Thick industrial glass lines the footing of the stairwell with subtle transparency, allowing light to also traverse the space vertically.
The cabin and studio each have one bathroom and one bedroom, and the entirety of the property has geothermal heat and super insulation. The custom-made stairs in the cabin are by Westside Metal Fabricators in Mount Vernon, Washington.
Nouvel Approach

When the Nouvel staircase proved too costly to copy, DeSalvo designed an affordable version. The treads are perforated bent steel plates that appear to float on a support tube, while the railings are made from tension cables and galvanized handrails and posts. It offers a similar level of architectural impact and sense of transparency at relatively low cost (both stairways, plus a matching catwalk, came in at $6,000).
The central, welded-iron staircase is the house’s most striking contemporary feature. Beyond it, more large sliding doors conceal extra storage and the home entertainment system.
Ab Rogers dons a bold suit that suits the spirit of the accompanying decor he designed.
Di Ioia and Bédard designed the wrought-iron spiral staircase that leads to the rooftop terrace and sauna as a visual nod to Montreal’s signature outdoor stairways.
Existing wooden stair transformed into a steel/cement plate stair
Moseley notes the home’s distinctive staircase as one of her favorite features. “When the steel was ordered from the steelyard,” she says, “it was marked with our metalworker’s name, for easy pickup. That scribble still exists in random places in the staircase and is very industrial—we love it!” Hand-welded by Mike Carman, a local contractor, the staircase runs through all three floors, and it was custom-sized to fit the dimensions of the shipping containers, measuring nine-feet-six-inches tall and eight-feet wide.
The couple connected several of the shipping containers, hollowing out the sides to form large, open living areas. “I’ve always been a loft guy,” says Mathesius.
these stairs....
Staircase: View of Lower Level Family Room
The biggest single challenge was in the design and fabrication of the staircase.  The stair was required to be both code and child safety compliant.  The staircase’s unique features include the co-planar clear-tempered glass-rails and the child-proof open slots under the welded bent steel angles.  Supported by a sizable post concealed in the wall behind the stair, stair attachments are made with moment connections.  All metalwork on this job, including the stairs and door panels were site fabricated forging a unique hand-crafted industrial product, difficult to shop replicate.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.

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