85 Office Craft Room Design Photos And Ideas

Whether it be a study, library, or craft room, the modern office is a tranquil place for you to flex your creativity, conduct meetings, and carry out day-to-day business. Cram the shelves with your favorite books, put the table in the middle of your room, or splurge on the perfect desk lamp—a great office should reflect your personal taste and inspire your best work.

A whimsical playroom for the Fishwicks’ three girls.
The home features a large pottery studio for the client, who is a ceramic artist. The history of ceramics informed much of the design.
Van Dusen began making her own clothing as a teenager after convincing her mom to buy a sewing machine she'd use to reconstruct her closet full of thrift store garments. Color was her primary muse, often favoring bright hues in unexpected combinations and graphic patterns. What she couldn't find, she created, albeit inefficiently — the only way she knew how — by assembling her own printed textiles, one element at a time.
"Feeling good about your work is one thing, but offering it as something for other people to be happy about is truly something to dedicate your time to," Spellman states.
With plenty of space, Spellman is able to utilize his studio to create his artwork and music, as well as use the area as a gathering area for entertainment.
Located in a historic building in Westerly, Rhode Island, Spellman's studio is infused with natural light, thanks to the expansive windows.
"I'm not trying to do anything new in my work," Spellman states. "I'm simply trying to do it in my own way, and I'm still figuring out what exactly 'my own way' is."
The drawing room has a table and chairs from the brand SoLIFE.
"I have an old Vandercook Printing Press from the 1960s that is still going strong, along with a type case of vintage wood and metal type," says Erin. "I hand-mix all of my ink colors and feed each individual sheet of paper through the press by hand. It can be a laborious process, but one that I love every second of."
Heliotrope Architects created a lofty space that allows the residents to connect fully with the outdoors while at work.
A look at the office workstations and conference room designed by Studio Zerbey Architecture & Design.
Walk Street House by Ras-A Studio
A look at the studio, which is also home to Richard and Daniela's joint architectural venture, the Inverse Project.
Lone, a textile designer, has a studio in the loft. Chris also has a workshop on this floor, where he makes guitars.
Finlayson's fun tiger motif is also available as a rug.
An array of Finlayson's past paintings and textiles adorns her studio.
A light-filled office has plenty of built-in storage.
A sloping, zig-zagged mahogany roof frames the view of Lyttelton Harbor.
At the conference area, a Pratt Conference Table from Room & Board is surrounded by the Versus chair from Article. The wall artwork is by the Seattle–based Jennifer Ament.
Rose placed a custom 10-foot-long wood top over IKEA Alex drawers to create an extra large desk with storage.
The workshop, with its concrete floor and painted brick walls, has a more industrial vibe. A Pedrera PD2 floor lamp by Barba Corsini for Gubi sits beneath artwork from Esther’s "Shinbun" collection.
Home Studio conected to Patio
A wall of shelving, about seven feet tall and 12 feet wide, keeps reference books and vinyl close at hand. Michael designed and fabricated the speakers, turntable, and amplifier (the latter incorporating another person's circuitry design).
According to Michael, the centralized table is a contemporary take on a traditional trestle table, combining raw steel plate "legs" with a bleached ash slab with wenge keys. The chairs are powder-coated steel and maple, with sheepskin cushions, and the floors are whitewashed birch hardwood. The chandelier is inspired in part by a Lindsey Adelman design and built to fit the space.
With efficient and varying storage solutions, this sewing shed for jewelry artist Artemis Russell mixes vintage finds with a variety of thoughtful but efficient storage solutions.
There's a sense of organization amidst the madness. A collection of scissors hang from nails hammered into a shelf packed with books seemingly arranged in no particular order — that is, until Van Dusen hardly glances when she pulls one, The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Geometry, within seconds of referencing it.
While there is "a lot of stuff around," the busy, "cluttered" studio doesn't feel sloppy. It's like a very colorful bomb went off but everything landed in a perfectly logical place.
Artists' home studio/office with custom work table
"An integrated artwork hanging system is embedded and detailed with the drywall to establish a datum in the space for the constant hanging of artwork for review and display," note the architects.
10. Add the Protective Coating: Giovanni’s son Carlo Piccinelli dips the nearly finished pendant in a protective coating that repels stains and fingerprints. The Aplomb is then sent to an assembly factory in Pordenone, Italy, where it is wired.
Although Foscarini had  originally estimated a production run of 2,000 Aplomb pendants per year, Crea  now produces some 2,000 per month, making it one  of Foscarini’s top-selling  products. The fixture, which is available in six colors, including natural gray, retails starting at about $700.
The child's room has a bunk bed and study area.
Perforations in the steel tread of the staircase allow light from the skylight above to filter all the way down to the lower levels.
A vast, well-lit single space,  the owner uses the ground-floor room as a studio/workspace, but it could be used for other purposes.

The room can be divided in two using full-height bi-fold doors that sweep across the polished concrete floor as this photograph shows
Wood and veined Arabescato marble, used throughout the home, create contrasting warm and cool elements.
The V-shaped floor plan allows both wings to be connected. One wings features the garage and the owner’s ceramics studio, while the other contains the common areas.
Zee standing in front of her new 8 ft x 8 foot piece.
A view of the workspace in Zee's studio with saw table on the right.
Verda Alexander and her son, Apolo, collaborate on a project in their first-floor studio.
Verda Alexander and her son, Apolo, collaborate on a project in their first-floor studio.
The catwalk running above the studio is aptly named for the  household: Farley’s felines patrol their owners’ activity from this overhead perch.
Family art room, the heart of the house where this family's shared passion of creating art together is nurtured.
The workstation and the cabinets are by Korben Mathis Woodworking; the desk lamp is  from TaoTronics.
The office houses the letter “U" as well as cameras.
The home office was renovated in seven weeks as part of the 2017 One Room Challenge, and was selected as one of two winners.
The desk can be folded away and the space used as a guest room.
A skylight illuminates the retractable desk in the lofted workspace.
When asked what's next in the works, Spellman describes how he's working on an upcoming music festival and concert series called Westerly Sound.
A peek into Spellman's historic studio space in Westerly, Rhode Island.