43 Garage Attached Garage Design Photos And Ideas

The modern garage can be more than a mere storage space or a place to house your car—it can just as likely accomodate family activities or serve as an exterior design element. Whether attached or stand-alone, used as a workshop or converted into a studio, there is no single way to define its use. The inspired examples below are a testament to the range and diversity of the modern garage.

Sliding barn doors connect the garage to a shaded outdoor sculptural studio that doubles as a stage for summer concerts.
Due to the lot’s small size, Cloud9 placed the garage beneath the house.
Atop the carport is a Hopper table and shade by Extremis.
The windows themselves come from Lumisystem.
A shaded parking lot near the entrance of the house.
In the garage, wooden joints are exposed and the peak of Ryssdalsnebba can be seen to the south.
On nice days, doors can be opened for indoor/outdoor flow.
The garage can also be used as a fitness/workout room, workshop and conservatory.
Interior of attached garage with car charging stations built in.
The flat roof of the Nakhshabs’ energy-efficient home is topped with photo-voltaic panels. It is the first single-family LEED Gold–certified residence in San Diego.
Marcel Breuer Hooper House II Interior Garage
From beautiful carriage doors to stainless steel cabinets and antique memorabilia neon signs, Portland-based company Vault designs gorgeous spaces
Add a dash of flair and color with Rubber floor coating. Some of the advantages include the low cost and resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. Rubber floors are non-slippery, resistant to extreme temperatures and are easily repaired.
RaceDeck Garage Flooring is engineered to turn your garage into a showplace while withstanding even the toughest garage environments. Transform your garage in hours with RaceDeck’s patented garage tile system.
A dynamic warehouse conversion in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, allows two creative businesses to share a boardroom and break area in a homey, Art Deco-inspired space.
Once a manufacturing hub, Cremorne in Melbourne’s inner-city has seen an influx of start-ups and creative companies setting up shop, giving new life to the area's factories, warehouses, and Victorian cottages.
Just outside the lobby is a drive-through for Spiekermann’s Audi.
Bachman Residence by Alden B. Dow
Writing on the walls is encouraged by the magnetic slate chalkboard from Claridge Products. The Phoenix table by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso does double duty as a play table or a coffee table, depending upon who’s in residence. The Tulips felt rug is from Peace Industry, and was made in a fair-trade workshop in Iran. The casework is constructed of anigre wood.
When open, the garage enables the owners to work on their vehicles while visiting with neighbors who do the same.
'73 BMW 2002
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Moskow Linn Architects of Boston tackled this ground-up renovation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a client who wanted to maximize efficiency. Photo by Eric Roth.
“The steep site lends itself to the ‘upside down’ configuration,” Harkness explains. “It certainly wouldn’t work as well if you could only access the house via the lower level, as this is through the bedroom zone, so we included two entrances. The upper one involves walking across a little bridge.”
The streetside facade, dominated by site-poured concrete, contains the garage, from which Jacobson and Dukes escape for a quick surf.
Hooper House II's new owner, Richard North, has altered the house very little, though he did convert the carport into an enclosed garage to provide greater protection for his collection of automobiles. Read more about the  mid-20th century Marcel Breuer Hooper House here.
6 Car Garage
To allude to the nearby ocean, the architects designed a seaweed patterned for the interior of the garage door (seen here raised). It successfully reads like a leather padded wall and makes “the cube” feel that much more customized.
At street level, the wooden garage door opens its toothed maw.
Lockyer added native desert plants to a courtyard near the garage.