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Living Room Nook
Entry to the bedroom
Sliding glass walls pocket into the exterior of the home, allowing the living space to be completely open to the lush vertical garden outside.
The living area incorporates wood, marble, and porcelain; a materials palette that is carried through throughout the home.
The suspended fireplace anchors a cozy seating area.
The home’s kitchen marries a wood-slatted ceiling and wood cabinets with marble counter and surround.
The slatted wood exterior selectively filters sunlight, cooling the interior and creating interesting light and shadow patterns.
Art, photographs, and sculpture are thoughtfully displayed.
The black toilet is nearly camouflaged against the marble-clad walls, while art and greenery stand out.
The client, says architect Filipi Oliveira, “wanted everything to communicate without the need for doors in the internal environments.”
Roof extension with garden
View of bedroom
Original beams and painted wood ceiling planks are featured throughout the public spaces.
Giant sliding glass doors from Fleetwood connect the dining room to the atrium.
In Champaign, Illinois, this cedar hut by architect Jeffrey Poss is designed as a raised platform accessible through a ramp. Inside are grass tatami mats, a miniature tea cabinet in a tokonoma alcove, and an oversized window that frames views of the trees.
Suspended in a garden in private residence in the northwest of Washington DC, this bronze and glass building, which is illuminated from the ground up, looks like a Japanese tea pavilion, but is in fact a musical recital space that its owner also use as a room for dining and contemplation.
Another project by A1 Architects, this tea house rests on a circular platform enclosed by a translucent dome. Within, the dome is covered in laminated paper, which allows light to shine through, imbuing the interiors with an ethereal glow.
This family home near Joshua Tree National Park was built out of a Bosch aluminum framing system assembled with a perforated steel decking and glass walls to create a bedroom wing and a living wing organized around two courtyards.
Iceland prefab pioneers Tryggvi Thorsteinsson and Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir of Minarc built this Culver City family home with mnmMOD  – a customizable, locally manufactured building system of prefabricated panels the duo designed, which minimizes energy consumption and reduces a home’s carbon footprint. Made with a blend of 30 percent recycled steel and cradle-to-cradle certified extruded polystyrene, mnmMOD components can be assembled with just a screw gun.
View looking from office space toward guest suite
Quiet Master bedroom very masculine with a bit of whimsy
View looking from office space toward guest suite
A fireplace and central heating keeps the open space warm and inviting.

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