Elevate Your Next Amsterdam Experience With This Unique Crane Rental

Elevate Your Next Amsterdam Experience With This Unique Crane Rental

An eclectic Amsterdam apartment offers an elevated vacation experience in more ways than one.
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If you're looking for an extra special place to stay in Amsterdam, consider thinking inside the box with a captivating crane apartment. 

Operated by Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments, this cargotecture vacation rental on KNSM Island—the man-made island in the Eastern Docklands—is a striking blend of modern luxury and historic preservation. 

The apartment overlooks views of the IJ—a serene waterfront surrounding the city.

Known as the only crane that was spared from demolition during the transformation of the Eastern Docklands, this unique rental has been stylishly revamped into a chic boutique apartment. It also serves as a homage to Amsterdam's industrial past, as it is housed inside three stacked shipping containers

Timber floors add warmth to the compact apartment.

Originally built in 1957, the historic monument was restored and repurposed with help from local interior designer Edward van Vliet, who led a tasteful redesign that preserved the structure’s  integrity, while also peppering in industrial chic references throughout the apartment.

Natural light floods every room in the rental.

"Thanks to the original location and unique neighbourhood, guests can still feel the crane's history and enjoy ultimate comfort at the same time," says a representative from Yays. 

The former port on the island is now home to a creative neighborhood with galleries, art workspaces, and boutique shops.

The dining area offers exceptional views.

The three-story apartment was constructed from the original metal containers used to house the crane’s machinery. The double-glazed windows were built from insulating foil sandwiched between restoration glass that’s commonly found in the city’s historic landmarks. 

The area neighboring the apartment has been redeveloped into a creative hub, housing numerous shops, cafes, and galleries for guests to enjoy.

The repurposed metal containers are painted bright blue.

The renovated crane is anchored firmly to the ground and meets all safety requirements.

In contrast to the containers' brightly colored exterior, the 430-square-foot interior features a muted, natural palette. Natural light floods the apartment through ample glazing, and rooms are positioned to maximize the surrounding waterfront views. 

Weatherproof coating reduces slips in wet conditions.

Guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen.

The apartment, which sleeps up to four, comprises of two bedrooms and bathrooms—each on separate floors—as well as a kitchen, living area, and dining space

Blue tiles reference the surrounding waterfront.

A quick view of the shower.

The bedroom on the top floor is located in the old machine operator room. 

This top-level bedroom boasts spectacular views, thanks to the fully glazed walls and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Interested in staying in the Yays—Crane Apartment? If so, you can book your getaway through the company website.

Project Credits:

General Contractor: N.V. Haarlemsche Machinefabriek v/h Gebr. Figee (now Kenz-Figee)

Structural Engineer: Renovation - Structal Franeker

Lighting Design: Studio Edward van Vliet

Interior Design: Studio Edward van Vliet

Other (Renovation): Shipyard Talsma (sister company Structal)

Transport to Amsterdam after renovation: KTF 



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