32 Staircase Wood Railing Metal Railing Design Photos And Ideas

In staircase, large spans of glazing frame views to the slopes beyond.  Wood Stair treads and a steel guardrail modernize the circulation space.  A George Nelson bench sits below the window, decorated by a Ohio Design Blocky.
Paper lanterns from IKEA illuminate the lofted level. The structures, connected by sheltered walkways, frame a grassy courtyard. “Compositionally, I was trying to create bookends to the clubhouse.” Wells says. “I looked at all the parts in assembly.”
Chairs 618 by Carlo Scarpa for Meritalia, Calicut carpet by Ruckstuhl, Cork Family coffee table by Vitra, ashtray by Enzo Mari for Danese
Siegal chose a diagrid structure for the factory-built steel modules; polycarbonate panels create a luminous space beneath the stairs.
Staircase-VILLA CP
Stair with yellow-filtered light through facade
Stair screen
Stair to third floor family room
Sunlight is plentiful at every level of the house.
Staircase design in milled eucalyptus wood, designed by Marcante-Testa, built by Materia Design.
The “inhabited” landing foreshadows the intimacy of the apartments.
The stairs are made of fumed and stained-engineered oak with a solid oak cap. Thanks to its complex geometrically, no level is the same.
The stair’s folded volumes juxtapose solid wood forms with light-filled voids.
The stair features custom installations by lighting designer Johanna Grawunder. When turned off, the panels appear as mirrors; when on, reflecting LED lights, giving the twisted stair forms an exaggerated “funhouse-like” effect.
The striking interior stair was originally designed as a light well to filter light from above deep into the interior space.
Entrance, staircase, dots
Stair to Roof
Stainless steel stair and White Oak accent wall

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.

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