102 Hallway Light Hardwood Floors Design Photos And Ideas

The kitchen includes a bar area with a wine cooler, two refrigerators, a fumed mirror backsplash, multiple pantries, and numerous modern appliances.
Both the walls of the hallway leading to the master bedroom and the two bathrooms are covered in a Fornasetti wallpaper that features dreamy cloud graphics.
A narrow hallway leads to the bedroom. As you can see, the movement from light colors to dark creates a bold, dramatic aesthetic.
With dark blue walls and ceilings, the chromatic dining area is a striking contrast to the light-colored living area, which has pale chestnut flooring on French-inspired white walls.
The entry hall also connects to the more private sleeping wing that's clad in CMU and features a central hall illuminated by skylights.
A sky-lit hallway.
A glance down the hallway from the junction of the two prefab "boxes."
Wood, marble, natural stones, and linen are combined with candles, glass bottles, vases, clocks, and printed pillows to create a space that feels like a dreamy Belle Époque time capsule.
The 50-acre property, which has been in Reinhold’s family for seven generations, includes an 1840s farmhouse, a barn, a landmark-protected hut with a wood-fired bread oven, and other outbuildings around a central courtyard. All of it was crumbling. "My wife and I decided we had to do something," says Reinhold. "We felt that responsibility in a good way."
In each unit, the architects placed storage and a bathroom in a self-contained wood cube in the middle of the space.
Studio für Architektur Bernd Vordermeier was brought in to design the apartments, as well as  new living spaces for Reinhold and his wife, Verena, and his parents.
A subdued material palette keeps the interiors crisp and contemporary.
Poly-carbonate sheets used to separate the functional zones, allow light to pass through, so all areas of the home well illuminated by natural light.
The diagonal positioning of the interior walls enhances the sense of depth within the indoor spaces.
A hallway on the upper level leads to a bathroom and overlooks the front terrace.
Ceilings made of glue-laminated timber fit the design perfectly.
The pentagonal geometry of the  third story is echoed by an Alumilex  window.
Modern entrance art and framing with a modern sconce and wallpaper.
A recording light lets guests know when Will is working in the recording booth.
Architect Christi Azevedo, along with homeowners Lorena Siminovich and Esteban Kerner, transformed this 1,485-square-foot, multilevel, mid-century maze into a modern and efficient family home in just three months. “It was the craziest frickin’ thing,” laughs Azevedo. “It was like a Tetris game, putting it all together, trying to squeak out space wherever we could.” Purchased as if straight out of 1955, the home is now the ideal small space for Siminovich and Kerner to raise their young daughter, Matilda.
Print by artist Richard Vergez.
Reading nook and skylight.
In the bedroom wing, sunlight shines down from the Plexiglass bubbles. Steel in the cutaways reflects the light.
Verona chairs from Structube surround a vintage dining table.
North Hatley, Quebec
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
Custom millwork and cabinetry can be a great way to add storage while keeping the hallway looking clean, neat, and bright. Cut-outs in the doors instead of knobs or cabinet handles ensure that hardware doesn't take up any extra space in the narrow corridor.
All of the rooms on the upper story have skylights.
The property is fitted with cutting-edge, behind-the-scene electrical system as well as geothermal heating and cooling systems technology. The basement of the main home even offers a synthetic ice floor for indoor hockey practice, which could also easily be retrofitted for additional living spaces and/or storage.
A picture window look out over the 3.6-acre property.
Pale wooden floors and white walls brighten the interiors.
Free-standing walls highlight the couple's noteworthy art collection. "The owner has a phenomenal eye," says architect Martin Marciano. "She could be curating in any modern art museum."
In the back right, you'll see that one of only two rooms touch the shell of the home. Fiedler Marciano Architecture kept the ceiling open and airy, respecting the integrity of the original architecture of the loft.
Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s stone sculpture is displayed in the entry.
Spruce shingles in the entry have been painted to resemble the region's traditional red-tile roofs.
Hand-blown Salt Crystal lights by Jeff Zimmerman hang above custom oak bench in the entrance hall.
Johnny Lökaas and Conny Ahlgren pose in their living room with some of their art collection, which includes a Julian Opie portrait and works by Keith Haring and others. Space to show the art and good light for viewing it were the priorities.
Although the loft is relatively small, high ceilings and an open floor plan give it room to spare.
A bridge connects the second-floor office and guest bedroom with the backyard-facing master bedroom. To prevent excessive solar heat gain in this especial space, Butler Armsden used high performance Unilux low-e windows. Two Eurofase pendant lights from Chromos illuminate the hallway at night.
A light, reclaimed wood floor transitions to a glossy, patterned marble surface, as the home transitions from the kitchen to the office.
With expansive EcoHaus Internorm windows, the space feels larger than its 1,400 square feet.
Sistemalux’s integrated LED Step lighting adds a dynamic touch to a passageway.
The structure blends into the site’s informal English-style garden, complemented with native coastal plantings by landscape designer Paula Hayes. Accessed by sliding doors, a second-floor garden is filled with a bed of low-maintenance, drought-tolerant sedum.
Photo courtesy of Built Architecture
A double-height corridor runs the length of the house, and a slatted wall on the second floor overlooks the space.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.