149 Hallway Light Hardwood Floors Design Photos And Ideas

While the apartment's floor area is modest, its high walls give the space a lofty, voluminous feel.
Brick plinths that rise from the ground around the edge of the courtyard not only help define space and volumes, but also provide places to sit, to play with pets, to put the laundry baskets, and drop off the groceries.
A big draw when McClary and Leepson bought the cabin was the huge windows in the main living area.
A door leads out to the terrace.
In replacing the roof, the architects also added a small viewing deck (not pictured) that overlooks the park in front of the house.
The interior brick was painted white and paired with white plaster walls for a clean finish. A large courtyard-facing window was added in the dining room.
An elongated skylight was installed above the corridor that runs along the bedrooms. The walls of this corridor are made with natural clay to help control humidity levels.
Stained white-oak flooring was used throughout the interior, which help to bring the natural siding from the outdoors in.
A look at the Maui abode.
The elongated kitchen has a window that frames unobstructed views of the trees outside.
A simple, neutral color scheme gives the interiors its warm, practical character.
After: A peek inside the beautifully restored, modernized abode.
A hallway with European Oak parquet floors.
Concealed storage along the walls of the interior corridors maximize space and help maintain a clutter-free look.
The three guest bedrooms sit over the garage/boathouse.
Foyer 03
Corridor connecting upper and lower level of the house.
Light moves along the wall as the day progresses.
Reclaimed wood barn-doors
The mezzanine loft looks down to the living and dining rooms.
Arriving at the Foyer lined with timber-paneled walls, a glimpse of the Living bathed in abundant daylight is revealed. Beyond a grey fin wall is the Lounge.
The free-standing bath is set next to a large window, framing views of Ben Loyal, an isolated mountain in Sutherland.
entrance makes you feel in a cave.
Bridge that link living wing and service wing
From the foyer, a bridge-like corridor lined with bookshelves and art leads to the master suite.
Hall to Master Suite w/ Custom Pivot Door
Entry Hall
Dorchester Interior Mudroom/Lockers
A skylight creates interesting light play at the top of the staircase landing.
"One of the most interesting features is the glazed floor above the master corridor that allows a flood of light to penetrate into the kitchen zone," says Robertson.
A look at one of the restored stucco arches along the ceiling of the hallway.
New black-framed windows capture the views of the palm trees' long branches.
A peek at the glass-encased shower stall.
The vestibule floor was retiled with ivory and sage penny tiles, while five-inch white oak planks were put down as new flooring throughout.
The sloped walls of the original home were integrated and combined with the extension. This was done via the connection of a double-height entry and a second-floor bridge.
A hallway next to the kitchen leads to the master suite nestled on the east side of the main building.
Atop the kitchen and bathroom lies an additional sleeping quarter, directly under the sky above.
Some of the interior walls have been lined with plywood and painted white to complement the white-painted bricks.
View on the corridor
A look at the antique pine bench with a vintage boucherouite rug from Pink Rug Co, artwork by Jason Archer, and Icelandic sheepskin rug from Society of Wanderers along the entry corridor.
The kitchen includes a bar area with a wine cooler, two refrigerators, a fumed mirror backsplash, multiple pantries, and numerous modern appliances.
Both the walls of the hallway leading to the master bedroom and the two bathrooms are covered in a Fornasetti wallpaper that features dreamy cloud graphics.
With dark blue walls and ceilings, the chromatic dining area is a striking contrast to the light-colored living area, which has pale chestnut flooring on French-inspired white walls.
A sky-lit hallway.
A glance down the hallway from the junction of the two prefab "boxes."
Studio für Architektur Bernd Vordermeier was brought in to design the apartments, as well as  new living spaces for Reinhold and his wife, Verena, and his parents.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.