35 Doors Folding Door Type Design Photos And Ideas

A single doorway leads inside, where warm wood finishes reflect natural light.
The rear exterior was also transformed—it now has a designated outdoor kitchen, dining terrace, and lounge area. Folding doors connect the breakfast room to the new exterior spaces for easy flow between.
The 2020 Living Vehicle’s new folding stair system is rated for several hundred pounds and comes with adjustable legs.
The roof of the home consists of thermo-insulated sandwich roof panels with skylight perforations and solar panels, and the ceilings have integrated lighting and ceiling fans to help increase air flow as necessary.
At the rear of the new addition, large folding glass doors open the cooking and dining spaces up to the outside.
Hence it touches the instincts of the viewer, it is not linear, it is multifaceted perception that reaches out from the walls, transforming a residential building into a sculpture.
The shiny finishing of the crimson red facade reflects the sky appearing blue as one approaches the building and looks at it from below.
Bi-fold doors on either side of the wedge-shaped patio open the dining area and living room up to the outdoors.
Renton Hill Residence's dining room opens up to an expansive outdoor area via a massive metal door. Citizen Design Collaborative strategically integrated original and modern details to create a unique home designed to bring people together and age beautifully as the house is passed down through generations.
The exterior walls on the first floor of Virginia House by 2712 / Asociados are painted in a dark, neutral color that contrasts with the bright illuminated interiors and sunny yellow front door.
Natural light brightens the living areas when the glazed doors to the terrace are opened.
IF House - Photo 03
"The buildings recall the agricultural forms of the local built environment, but as is our nature in our designs, we sought to take that context and evolve it to a more emphatic modern language. We sought to design something that was exquisitely proportioned in a quiet, agricultural way." –Tom Kundig, Design Principal
An attentive sensitivity to site played into nearly every aspect of both the exterior andinterior spaces of the home. Architect Peter Rose collaborated with landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, who worked to craft and maintain the wild, organic feel of the environs. Will Parry, a local builder, custom-fabricated all of the sustainably harvested Spanish cedar-and-glass windows and skylights throughout. Here, a vertical-swinging window at the end of the entry hallway opens directly to a lush expanse of vegetation.
Folding glass doors blur the boundaries between the indoors and out.
The exterior wood slat doors can fold inwards like wings to create eave-like shelters.
A spectacular southeast-facing view greets guests in the great room. Full-height Fleetwood glazed doors pivot open to connect the living spaces with nature outside.
Folding aluminum-framed glass doors facilitate a seamless transition between indoors and out.
A massive folding glass wall opens to connect an open-plan living area to the outdoors.
Ample glazing blurs the distinction between indoors and out.
Floor-to-ceiling wood-framed glazing frames views of the outdoors.
A hinged door can conceal the kitchen to create a more formal dining space.
The doors close flush against the facade.
This giant bi-fold door opens up to a covered boardwalk-style walkway and the backyard.
The original apartment, located in the Grazia district, was dark and disjointed. 
Built in the early twentieth century, it had been partitioned into small rooms that were connected by shadowy hallways. The impression of the architect, Carles Enrich, was that the apartment's potential had been

Modern doors are all about first impressions, whether it's installed on the exterior or interior. Endlessly customizable, crafted out of metal or wood, they have the power to reconfigure any space. Ideas for modern folding, sliding, and swing doors abound in our collection.