Top 5 Homes of the Week With Adorable Kids' Rooms

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Adorable Kids' Rooms

By Samantha Daly
These colorful, light-filled bedrooms and playrooms are fun-sized design inspiration. Our editor's top picks of the week feature creative kids' rooms that spark the imagination.

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1. The Veoveo House

Architect and interior designer: MLMR Architecture Consultancy, Location: Navarra, Spain

From the architect: "This is a extension to accommodate a playroom and a living room for kids...the interior makes use of color, without laying on aggressive contrasts, with blue and rose paint and green furniture. This furniture has also been carefully chosen: Knoll pieces, a green piece of furniture by USM, and the beautiful Graduate bookcase by Molteni speak with each other, the colors of the walls, and the vegetation of the landscape [outside]."

2. Halfmoon Bay House

Interior designer: Falken Reynolds Interiors, Location: British Columbia, Canada

From the interior designer: "A young Vancouver family asked us to convert their waterfront vacation home on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast into their primary residence. To facilitate livability for the foursome, we created a larger kitchen and master bath, added an ensuite for the guest bedroom, and added a bathroom for the kids. We also opened the spaces up to the outdoors by adding skylights and picture windows that reorient the entire upper floor towards the water for 180-degree views of the coastline."

3. HA Goldmark City Apartment

Architect and interior designer: W2D, Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

From the architect: "The tranquil zone [of the apartment] is designed like giant breathing tubes, with two bedrooms located at two sides of the apartment. Considered serene lodging, these bedrooms assures sufficient functions cut out for each family member's habit and preference."

4. House E

Architect: Kühnlein Architekten GmbH, Location: Bavaria, Germany

From the architect: "The owners had an additional requirement for the functionality and sound protection of the house due to the deafness of their son (he can only hear thru a cochlear implant). The room acoustics were calculated for each room [and] in the back area a type of therapy room was created to accommodate the equipment to strengthen his balance sense and function as a large playroom.In the future the therapy room can be refunctioned into a small apartment for the grandparents."

5. Balboa Residence

Interior designers: Lynn K. Leonidas and Andrea Faucett, Location: San Francisco, California

From the interior designer: " [We] partnered with architect Simon Kwan to complete a full renovation of a father's childhood home in San Francisco. It houses a robust family life for a couple of surfers, makers, art collectors, and their two young boys. Iconic mid-century seating, local Bay Area-made furnishings, and contemporary artwork were selected to pair naturally with the cohesive finish materials, lighting, and custom woodworking throughout. One of the boy's rooms has a simple white palette and a sea-inspired rug ... [the other] is outfitted with both new and vintage furnishings that transition with him as he grows."

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