Project posted by VERNE Arquitectura

The Veoveo House

House (Single Residence)


Square Feet


Interior Design
Pablo García Esparza

From VERNE Arquitectura

Sometimes the greatest value of a house is the relation with its most immediate surrounding, its views to a garden full of vegetation. This is the case for the Veoveo House; a small extension of a great single-family house built in the 80’s.

The Veoveo House is a stony box that lays on the former terrace of the house and it’s perforated in two particular points; the first one is a great eye in the main front, that looks onto the garden, always so green and cared by its owners. The second one is a horizontal crack, facing north, that let look to the top of the mount San Cristóbal. This extension underlines the pleasant surrounding that already rounded the existing family house.

With its contemporary and emphatic shapes, and its stony materials, the extension contrasts strongly with existing dwelling and its traditional character. However, this contrast shows a visual harmony. The new little house -the Veoveo House- doesn´t fight against the existing house; it’s just different, new.

This is a extension to accomodate a playroom and a living room for kids; that’s the reason why the interior makes use of the colour, without laying on aggressive contrasts, with blue and rose paint and green furniture. This furniture has also been carefully chosen: Knoll pieces, a green piece of furniture by USM or the beautiful Graduate bookcase by Molteni speaks with each other, and also with the colours of the walls and the vegetation of the landscape that gets through the windows.