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From home tours to budget breakdowns, here are the types of stories our editors are hunting for—and how to submit.

To give us the scoop on a stellar home or upcoming project, here’s how to get in touch. If we’d like to know more, you’ll hear from us within five business days.


Are you a video producer or vlogger with an idea for a series centered on design and architecture, travel, or lifestyle? Send a brief description of your show idea, along with a link to your work on YouTube or Vimeo, to with "Video Series Pitch" in the subject line.

Home Tours

Dwell Magazine and feature outstanding, modern homes from all over the world. To pitch us, send a brief project description and images to Please let us know if it has appeared anywhere else in print or online, and whether the homeowners are willing to be named.

To share your project with the community and instantly be considered for an editor’s pick, or to be featured in Dwell Magazine or, upload your photos through Add a Home

Familiarize yourself with the types of homes that compel us by reading our Latest Stories.

Before & After 

To share your whole-home, room, or van renovation, email with "Before & After Pitch" at the beginning of the subject line. Include a brief project description and images from before and after the transformation. 

We also welcome descriptions of planned projects that are not yet underway for potential Dwell involvement in, or coverage of, the building process. 

Some of our favorite Before & After stories include this 1954 midcentury in Portland and this converted live/work space in Chicago.

Budget Breakdown

Our Budget Breakdown series covers a wide range of project scopes and budgets. Email with "Budget Breakdown Pitch" at the beginning of the subject line to be considered. Include a brief project description, images, and a detailed list of costs, including a grand total. 

Our favorite Budget Breakdown stories include this $222K accessory dwelling unit in Portland and this $13K garage conversion.

Construction Diary

If you have recently undergone a new home build or renovation, we want to hear about it. Email with "Construction Diary Pitch" at the beginning of the subject line with a brief project description and images. Tell us about the major milestones in the project timeline, including moments of joy and moments of despair. 

Use the first person, and be as detailed as possible. Include process photos where they are appropriate, and use the caption to describe what’s happening in the photo. Include subheadings to help structure your narrative. For example, you may want to break down your journey into steps, then expand on each one:

  • Collecting inspiration for my future house
  • Finding the right architect and/or contractor
  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Tackling permitting issues
  • Sourcing materials and fixtures
  • Working with outside consultants
  • Undergoing the construction process
  • Moving into the home  

For an example of a Construction Diary, read how Lou Maxon built his home in Carnation, Washington, with Olson Kundig Architects. Your diary should be a maximum of 2,500 words.

Lesson Learned

Tell us about a specific lesson you learned while undergoing a home build or renovation. This may have to do with your relationship with an architect or contractor, your budget or timeline, your choice of materials—or anything else that may come up during construction. Feel free to use the following template:

  • Tell us about your project. Was it a new build, or a renovation? What was the scope, and where is it located? What were your main needs and wants?
  • What was the most significant, or most surprising thing you learned during the entire process?
  • What was the series of events that helped you realize this? How did you resolve it?  
  • If you were to distill your lesson into one piece of advice for others, what would it be?

Email with "Lesson Learned Pitch" in the beginning of the subject line, and describe your project and what you learned in under 500 words. Include photos of the finished project, as well as any that you feel help illustrate your lesson.

Real Estate features architecturally significant homes for sale. Eichlers, Case Study homes, midcentury homes, homes designed by notable architects, celebrity-owned homes, and homes listed at under $1 million are especially welcome. Email with "Real Estate Pitch" at the head of the subject line with a link to the listing. 

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