15 Tiny Homes You Can Buy for Less Than $70K

15 Tiny Homes You Can Buy for Less Than $70K

Try the simple life on for size and make one of these affordable tiny houses your own.
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Whether you’re dreaming about downsizing, shedding debt, or trotting the globe, these 15 tiny homes—which are as well-designed as they are budget-friendly—will tempt you to take the plunge into small-space living.

Rumspringa by Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Home’s 24' x 8.5' entry-level home is called Rumspringa, and it starts at $45,000. The home is available with either a modern or traditional design aesthetic. From there, the models size up and can include optional features like soaking tubs, composting or incinerating toilets, and stairs with built-in storage.

The 340-square-foot Greenmoxie tiny house is sustainably built, and it can operate completely off the grid. Prices for the customizable dwelling start at $65,000.

The Buster is a customizable home by Build Tiny, a family-owned business in Katikati, New Zealand. The compact dwelling features a lofty living space, plenty of natural light, and a surprising amount of storage. Sheathed in two-tone corrugated metal, the home can be ordered either finished or unfinished. The basic shell starts at around $35,382, while a turn-key version is priced at $65,228.

This 273-square-foot kit home from Allwood costs $10,895 and showcases large windows, a wraparound porch, and a minimalist design.

Cube by NOMAD Micro Homes measures 13.5' x 13.5' x 13.5' and is currently available for $38,800 on Amazon. The eco-conscious home, which comes with instructions for do-it-yourself assembly, can be flat-packed and shipped worldwide.

Priced at $18,800, the Allwood Getaway Cabin Kit from Lillevilla measures 292 square feet, and it can be assembled by two adults with minimal tools in two to three days.

Wisconsin-based ESCAPE, designed the ONE as a transportable tiny home with 276 square feet of adaptable space. The exterior features shou sugi ban siding, and the interior is wrapped in pine. The unit can sleep up to four people, and the pricing begins at just under $50,000.

Minarc’s Plus Hus is a tiny energy-efficient prefab marketed towards homeowners seeking to add an accessory dwelling unit to their property. The 320-square-foot structure is prefabricated in downtown Los Angeles, and it can be shipped flatpack to anywhere in the U.S. with prices starting at $37,000. 

With more than 20 years experience in design and construction, AL Tiny Homes serves the Southeast United States and offers five home models, starting at $48,000. The homes can be customized and are typically built on trailer-based foundations for easy transport. The company handles everything from design to construction—including framing, roofing, siding, plumbing, and electrical.

Allwood’s Sunray cabin kit costs $8,890 on Amazon, and it can be assembled by two adults in about a day. 

Sanctuary Tiny Homes builds customizable, eco-friendly compact dwellings. They offer two main models—Tiny Marta and Tiny Lucy—with a base price of $55,000. The company also offers tiny home shells starting at $17,000. One-on-one design and construction consultations are also available.

Minim lets you build your own tiny house for $35,000. Their homes are wrapped in shiplapped cypress that will patina and turn a silvery gray tone. A 960-watt solar array on the roof can be battery powered, allowing the home to operate completely off-grid.

Summit Tiny Homes, a Canadian company, designed this 22-foot-long, 175-square-foot tiny house called The Wanderer. The home was built with mobility and adventure in mind, and it features a compact, fold-down deck that’s convenient for traveling. The stylish exterior is clad in a mixture of stained cedar and shou sugi ban siding. This model is available for $53,780.

The Mohican tiny home has a starting price of $62,000, and it’s made by Amish craftsmen in Ohio. The 20' tiny home, which can be built in as little as eight weeks, has an unfinished exterior and a light and bright, minimalist interior that packs all the essentials into a compact footprint.

Portland, Oregon–based Tiny Heirloom crafts compact dwellings that start at $40,000. This interior features a built-in dining nook with a custom walnut table and a pair of benches that accommodate up to six people. When mealtime is over, the table can be lowered with the push of a button to create more lounging room. This space is also large enough to fit a king-size bed.



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