A Concrete Home in Brazil Lets the Owners Practically Live in the Jungle

A Concrete Home in Brazil Lets the Owners Practically Live in the Jungle

Near a beach, and surrounded by verdant rainforests, this concrete home in Brazil fully opens up to the elements.

Designed by São Paulo studio Arquitetura Gui Mattos, the orthogonal, 4,844-square-foot Itamambuca Residence sits on a concrete slab that’s raised slightly off the ground.

This raised floor serves as a step that leads up towards the main living areas on the lower level. 

The elevated floor level allows its owners to enjoy better views of the trees and plants surrounding the house. 

Glazed, sliding walls, which are used throughout this level, can be opened to enhance the indoor-outdoor atmosphere. 

These glazed walls are set some distance from the edge of the raised concrete floor to create sheltered terrace decks along the perimeter where the owners can sit and look out to the garden or adjacent pool. 

Another concrete slab is used for the roof structure, which takes the form of an inverted prism with its tip pointing downwards from the center of the ceiling. 

The central point in the middle of the ceiling slants towards the four corners in a way that opens up the interiors, providing unobstructed sight lines towards the trees. 

Eight robust concrete columns support the roof, which provides shelter for the open-plan living lounge, dining and kitchen area. These columns are angled to face the center of the prism to maximize views from within. 

Above the lower level is a wooden box structure that spans the width of the roof. 

The master bedroom, three smaller bedrooms, and two bathrooms are located within this rooftop structure, which is accessed via a staircase located between the two wooden volumes on the lower level. 

The front of the rooftop structure is fitted with fully glazed walls that open to lead out to a deck that presents spectacular views of the lush, green jungle. 

Project Credits: 

Architecture and interior design: Arquitetura Gui Mattos 

Builder: Pitta Arquitetura 

Structural engineer: Inner Engenharia 

Civil engineer: Etip Projetos 

Landscape design: Camila Vicari 

Lighting design: Estúdio Carlos Fortes 


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