8 Tiny Sheds and Studios Used as Home Offices or Creative Retreats

8 Tiny Sheds and Studios Used as Home Offices or Creative Retreats

By Michele Koh Morollo
These days, sheds and backyard studios are no longer just places to store gardening tools or holiday decorations, but they're often turned into small home offices or creative spaces where residents can escape to get some work done—sometimes without having to leave home.

Take a look at these eight modern sheds and cabins that offer quaint little spaces for both work and hobbies.

An Unused Garage Becomes a Creative Backyard Studio

An old unused garage at a family home in San Francisco is turned into a "box suffused with light." Just a short distance from the main house, it's a place where the family members can escape to meditate, relax, paint, or just get creative.

This studio shed sited on a plant-filled backyard in Seattle is used by its owners as a place to engage in their diverse passions: painting, sculpture, gardening, and collecting vintage furniture.

Writer and journalist Bruce Porter’s off-the-grid getaway on an island off the Maine coast was designed by his architect daughter, who happens to be the founder of her own practice called Alex Scott Porter Design. Sited close to the water, it has a screen porch that's angled to capture direct southern exposure for the solar panels.

This prefabricated studio shed by Modern-Shed Inc. in Vahon Island, Washington, serves as a peaceful creative workspace for a professional artist.

Austin-based prefab company Sett Studio offers these tiny structures that are complete with charred-wood siding, floor-to-ceiling windows, and bamboo floors. They can be set up as extra bedrooms, yoga studios, a hydroponics growing area, or an office space in the backyard.

Portland-based architects Heidi Beebe and Doug Skidmore designed a glass-walled studio in the backyard of this house in Boise, Idaho, to act as a home office for one of the owners.

After a software engineer purchased this prefabricated Modern-Shed, he installed an extra long overhang and large floor-to-ceiling windows, and transformed the space into a private sanctuary where he can make his music.

When a Colorado web designer’s newborn daughter was given his home office, he moved his workspace to this quaint shed made with ruby-red Collins Truwood Siding and corrugated metal.


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