• Wilkens Design Studio
    Wilkens Design Studio is an architectural firm offering full-scope and Passive House design solutions for the development of new, adaptive reuse, and renovation projects. Working collaboratively with a range of clients, project types and locations, we approach each project with an eye to individual needs and desires by putting those at the heart of the solution. Encouraging a dialogue with clients through all aspects of a project fosters a collaborative spirit, and allows each solution to be unique and free from preconceived stylistic conventions and at the end, enhance the lives of those who are using it. Wilkens Design Studio's expertise spans across commercial, historical renovations, adaptive re-use, hospitality, and museum projects plus a range of residential project types; from the very economical and functional itinerant (WOOFer) housing to full-scope custom high-end single-family homes and interiors. We have a CPHC on board, and are proud to offer Passive House Design Services.
    We Design Dreams. We are an architectural studio that specializes in high-end design.  Since our beginnings in 2006, the goal of Welch Design Studio has been to integrate the best of architecture’s beginnings with inventive designs, creativity, spirit and cutting edge technology. Together, with our clients’ vision in mind, our studio is committed to collaboratively creating architecture which is unique, inspiring and responds to the way our clients live, work and enjoy life.
  • hays+ewing design studio
    ARCHITECTS VA | NC: BRINGING THE SCIENCE OF GREEN DESIGN TO THE ART OF MODERN LIVING. We believe enduring architecture springs from a deep understanding of the place, the needs of the project and the desires of our client merged with integration of sustainable best practices. Founded in 2004, HEDS is a women-owned architecture firm based in Charlottesville, VA and Asheville, NC with a practice that includes projects across the US, in Canada and Europe. We focus on the careful integration of buildings with their environment — a focus that operates at several levels — in harmonizing buildings with their surroundings, and in the integration of building and natural systems, such as cooling through natural ventilation, rainwater collection, and harnessing energy from the sun.
  • BLOM Design Studio
    Husband and Wife design-build duo based in Greenville South Carolina. Having studied architecture in her home country of Finland, Heidi Nyblom and her husband Konrad are blending tasteful Scandinavian design with southern style.
  • Leader Design Studio
    www.leaderdesignstudio.com Leader Design Studio is a Sarasota, Florida based architecture firm well known for its warm, modern, sustainable designs. Founded in 2011 by Chris Leader, AIA, the firm has received multiple local and national awards and has designed over 65 projects across southwest Florida. Leader Design Studio is a full service architecture firm. We specialize in new residences, coastal construction, extensive renovations, condominium renovations, professional offices, light commercial and charter schools. We are a turn-key architecture firm, overseeing projects from initial design through construction administration. Leader Design Studio is fully committed to creating thoughtful, responsible, and sustainable structures. Thoughtfully designed buildings connect us to our natural environment and improve the quality of everyday life. We design site-specific projects to be respectful and responsive to the surrounding community and take deep consideration for the larger social and physical context. Our projects optimize natural light and ventilation, use locally sourced materials, and employ the most energy efficient products and systems. With each project, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable way of living and future. Leader Design Studio and its staff have completed over 15 LEED Certified projects, including the LEED platinum certified Lido Deck Haus, Fish Camp and Lotus on Orange residences.
  • Studio Zerbey Architecture & Design
    Studio Zerbey is a Seattle-based full service architecture and interiors firm founded by Lauren and Kyle Zerbey. In addition to the Seattle area, we have worked throughout North America including Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, British Columbia, California, Montana, & Colorado.
  • Studio Design LLC
    Professional Space Planning & Design - Specialists in Kitchens, Baths & Cabinetry
  • Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio
    Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio is a multidisciplinary creative atelier that integrates architecture, interior environments and brand direction. We've worked with a variety of local, national, and international clients in the areas of retail, hospitality, residential, medical and exhibition design. Our love for design, craft, and tailored spaces led us to establish a practice that allows our journey to be both creative and vital. Our studio is licensed to practice Architecture in the States of Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii
    Sawa Design Studio LLC is a full service design studio with locations in Sarasota, Florida and Nairobi, Kenya, devoted to providing innovative design solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality projects. The Sawa Design team takes a collective approach to exploring design concepts and developing creative solutions for our clients’ environments. Our team is committed to working closely with the client on each project, from initial concept to final construction, to ensure that each project milestone is a definitive celebration of our client’s vision for their home, workspace, or brand identity. Our broad spectrum of industry specialties includes interior design, lighting design, industrial design, architectural integration, styling, custom furniture, furniture procurement, and creative brand solutions. Sawa Design Studio operates on the principle that beauty and function are the cornerstones of great design. Beyond that, our philosophy on design is simple: People should enjoy it. We strive to create spaces that transcend the boundaries of tradition, style and taste; to give life to environments that celebrate form, function, and above all, comfort. We believe that great design speaks a universal language and that the flow and impact of a living and working environment is influential and ubiquitous. As such, our work is rooted in quality custom design and the timeless aesthetic of functional refinement.
  • Breathe Design Studio
    Formerly Christine Turknett Interiors, Breathe Design Studio's process draws from the cerebral yet intuitive aspects of personal style and interior design. We love the juxtaposition of natural materials with thoughtful details. Underneath all of this is also our attraction to simplicity. breathedesignstudio.com
  • 22 Design Studio
    22 Design Studio was founded by Sean Yu and Yi-ting Cheng after graduating from the Industrial Design Department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan in 2005. They named the studio 22 for a simple reason—to keep the passion and ideals they had when they were 22 years old. The designers seek to discover different elements to touch people regardless of materials, structure, or cultural experiences. The studio focuses on applying design techniques to deliver this focus to the world.
  • Soren deNiord Design Studio
    Soren deNiord Design Studio is a professional landscape design firm located in Portland, Maine.
  • Studio Italia Design
    Our design team combines innovative thinking with a deep understanding of glassmaking, metal crafting and lighting to create truly unique pieces. Our state of the art testing lab enables us to play with innovative designs sparking the creative genius of our diverse team.
  • Terra Nova Design Studio
    Terra Nova Design Studio is a landscape architecture firm that specializes in creating custom residential, commercial and public spaces. We believe that it's not enough to just create a beautiful space. Your space must grow and evolve with your needs and desires— and consider the natural life that existed before we got there. We achieve that harmony through proper material selection, carefully considering the design goals, budget, and the effect on the environment. We meticulously select planting materials by taking into account aesthetics, long-term maintenance needs, and how the plants will evolve with the site overall and its intended use. Design is the core principal here at Terra Nova. To us that means sweating the details at every step, from the initial conceptual work through to the final build-out of the project. Founder Ted Spores works onsite — collaborating with the client, inspectors, other tradesman, and anyone else involved — to ensure your end project is the best it can possibly be
  • Studio D Design
    Creating your biography, your authentic signature style belted out in objects, pattern, and texture… shaping a home that is unapologetically you! Led by interior designer Danielle Wallinger, Studio D Design’s portfolio is one of boundless imagination, attention to detail and flawless execution. She is a creative powerhouse when it comes to designing spaces, and translates her clients’ desire for individuality into outstanding interiors where style and function fuse seamlessly. With nearly 20 years of experience Wallinger not only brings her creative passion, but also thorough knowledge of the design trade. From textiles to architecture, she choreographs all aspects of her award-winning interiors for both, residential, and commercial spaces. Wallinger always had an eye for the extraordinary, her interiors either sleek and modern, or grand and stately, have a touch of the unexpected, her vision is chic, bold, and full of character. Since its inception in NYC in 2006, Studio D has served a nationwide clientele with a celebrated eye for detail and dynamic use of material. In 2007, they added an office to cater to clients in the Western US with a satellite studio in AZ. In 2012, she branched out to Denver, CO where she put down roots with her husband and two young daughters. Danielle has won four ‘First Place’ ASID awards including best of show and was a Gold Key Awards finalist. Danielle graduated from the Arizona Institute of Interior Design in 1998.
    “Accelerating Your Dreams & Vision…”, is the work-mantra of 'A Design Studio' – a young and vibrant, multi-disciplinary firm with a team of interior designers and creative heads. Capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space the firm was founded in 2008 by Satish Naik along with Rupali Naik. We scale our services for all types of work dynamics like Residential, Corporate offices and retail projects of all sizes along with this we do planning, designing, 3D views and Project management. Their education, as well as professional work exposure that they derived, including various practices exposed them to not just the practicalities of on site management but also the philosophies that most designers grapple with. A Design Studio has grown in size and credibility – handling more than just design. Satish’s experience with material understanding, cost analysis, attention to detailing and quality in interior work complements Rupali’s skills of coordinating complexities of design & services of their projects. This perfect balance in the core team makes the studio adequate with skill sets to accomplish any task that comes in its way in the most optimized and systematic process. Today, A Design Studio is a provider of planning, design and delivery solutions for the built environment. We create exceptional environments that meet the design challenges. The approach to design is from a variety of perspectives, which gives us an unparalleled ability to innovate. “We use design to protect our natural environment and enrich lives. A Design Studio is committed to integrating diversity and inclusion into every aspect of our firm. This is an important part of our long-term business strategy for meeting challenges of a changing world and ensuring our continued success”.
  • Chromed Design Studio
    Chromed Design Studio aims to be a change agent to transform India's image as a not-so-attractive design centre to a hub of post-modern avant-garde designs. Chromed Design Studio is driven not so much by a look, or even a sensibility, but by the endlessly curious creative process that shaped it. “I know this sounds trite, but it’s not about what’s true now”, says founder principal Abhigyan Neogi. “It’s about asking, ‘what if?’” What if an architect could be as experimental as a chef? What if the building became a character? A living organism? What if your environment could transform with every step? On a given day, Chromed Design Studio could be working on an F&B project, a residence, a master plan, an interior project, a multi-specialty space, and a commercial project. That confluence of things is probably what makes it unique in its stature. The process behind these projects —the Chromed way—is really a set of permissions to roam and explore. Rather considering Architecture a component of the leadership required for successfully implementing a project, Chromed Design takes it to a new dimension by integrating a team which focuses on all aspects of a project with a team of high skilled professionals with a single window delivery approach. OUR MISSION Architecture at its visionary best exhilarates and inspires. It is a field that embodies design ingenuity, creating spaces and most importantly imagination. Architecture is not the creation of Non-Living Products made of merely Brick and Concrete; rather it is the art of creating Living Organisms that live in Harmony with Mother Nature. It is with this philosophy that we at Chromed Design endeavor to shape up Today’s world by adding Layers of Built forms and Infrastructure that complement the existing surrounding environment. Since the establishment of Chromed Design will soon be a decade, we have been very innovative, experi¬mentative, and passionately charged with the aim of giving Life to the structures.
  • AR Design Studio
    Award-winning RIBA certified contemporary architectural practice, based in Winchester, Hampshire, specialising in elegant modern new homes, extensions, renovations and multi-plot developments. Established over a decade ago by Andy Ramus, AR Design Studio is a modern architects practice with talented, young and exciting hub of contemporary architects. After spending four years working for several large scale practices in London on a wide variety of projects, Andy set up his practice in Winchester, Hampshire and Dorset.
  • HAS - Hinterland Architecture Studio
    Hinterland Architecture Studio is an international practice based in Porto, providing architectural design solutions to clients seeking a personalized approach with clear ideas and an experienced background. Helping them felling proud in a quality environment.