• Turkel Design
    Turkel Design creates elegant, architecturally driven systems-built homes, delivered and assembled on sites all around the world. Using our highly refined program, we guide our clients through a simple, interactive design process, leveraging the predictability of prefabricated building systems to control the cost, quality, and timing of our homes. Our unique systematized method assures the delivery of high-quality contemporary design to any site, anywhere. For more information, please visit us at www.turkeldesign.com or give us a call at (617) 868 - 1867
  • Ketogenic Diet 101
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  • HUXHUX Design
    HUXHUX Design offers boutique full service interior design, brand consultancy, and custom furniture design. We focus our attention in the commercial sector, designing retail spaces and workplaces for creative brands, media innovators and various start ups. Contact us at info@huxhux.com
  • SLIC Design
    Austin, Texas / SLIC Design is a full service design firm based in Austin, Texas, providing interior design consultation to residential & commercial projects.
  • HUTCH design
    HUTCH is a London-based architecture and design studio. With a dedication to high-quality, bespoke designs, we specialise in residential projects of any scale whilst welcoming enquiries across all building sectors. We’re excited to hear from you, let us know how we can help. Say hello@hutchdesign.co
    Ever since I was six years old I would go into a room and dream about how I could change it to make it look a whole lot better. I am an Interior Designer.
  • SinCa Design
    SinCa is a design studio founded by Dave Sinaguglia and Maria Camarena. Two craft persons united by the same passion for traditionally crafted and thoughtfully designed objects. Maria started her career as Industrial Designer in Mexico where she developed a skill set on business and design. Afterwards during the Furniture Design program at RISD from where she obtained an MFA in 2016 she developed a defined aesthetic with a tendency towards honest materials and fabrication methods. Dave after 15 years of woodworking experience and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Connecticut he received formal training in woodworking from the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport RI. Every piece that comes out from The SinCa wood shop and design studio has been meticulously designed to speak of the modern and fresh lifestyle of the 21st century without losing the warm and traditional touch of a hand crafted piece of furniture. www.sincadesign.com
  • Luriinner Design