• SHATOTTO architecture for green living
    Rafiq Azam is the principal architect of Shattoto, an architecture firm based in Dhaka with a focus on “architecture for green living”. Formed in 1995, Shatotto intends to unearth the lost history and heritage of Bengal and recreate the missing link of its urban and rural culture. Shatotto also tries to bridge the gaps between architectural values and the current crisis of a responsible architecture, in order to generate conversation among people, communities and nature for a healthy society. Rafiq Azam graduated in 1989 from Bangladesh Engineering University (BUET), Dhaka. His many awards in both art and architectural work include: three-time recipient of World Architecture Community Award 2008-09, short listed in Leading European Architects Forum Award 09, Emerging Architect of the world by Urban Land USA 08, AR Emerging Award London 07, finalist for Aga Khan Awards for Architecture 04 and 07, Berger Award for Excellence 07, Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Design Award USA 07, four- time recipient of South Asian Awards for Architecture. Azam is also a visiting faculty at Dept. of Architecture-The National University of Singapore, NED University Pakistan, North South University, University of Asia Pacific, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, and Brac University Dhaka. Azam has also lectured extensively around the world at numerous institutions and seminars.
  • INT2 architecture
    We are young active multi-diciplinary team of architects, designers, artists, photographers and philosophers based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded by Alexander Malinin & Anastasia Sheveleva. The name of the studio is a merger of two words: INTuition+INTellect because we believe that answers to many questions lay in between rational and irrational cognition.
  • Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design
    Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design is a full service boutique firm providing architecture and design services on a global scale. Since our inception in 1976, we have had but one goal, and that is to collaborate with the client in order to create the best solution to their needs. We maintain a strong focus on the client and in doing so, never lose sight of what it is we are here to do: create a second skin. Residential, commercial, renovation, new construction: we have experience in all fields. And with our interiors staff and landscaping experience, we offer a complete design service from start to finish.
  • 1 + 2 Architecture
    1 + 2 ARCHITECTURE is a multi-award winning practice focusing on the delivery of high quality contemporary architecture. The directors bring with them a breadth of local, national and international experience in projects ranging from residential design to large commercial and institutional buildings. We believe that a successful outcome is best achieved by an investment in the quality design services that we offer.
  • Resolution: 4 Architecture
    RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTURE is an internationally published and highly acclaimed ten-person firm, completing projects in the residential, commercial, and public realms. Founded in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, RES4 is dedicated to addressing 21st century conditions through intelligent architecture and design. The firm consciously works to enhance sustainable practices that address the current and long-term challenges facing our dynamic communities. Through iterative investigation, RES4 works to shape the palpable, illuminate the obscure, and understand the interface of architecture, its users, and its context.
  • Alterstudio Architecture
    Alterstudio Architecture of Austin, Texas, focuses its attention on the relationship between the material facts of architecture and the social occasions it shelters and invites. The work is rooted in deep-seated virtues of architecture—rich, generous spacemaking, shrewd manipulation of daylighting, and meticulous attention to detail. The heightening of direct human experience and the framing of the complex circumstances of their situations are at the core of each project.
  • Sparano + Mooney Architecture
    Sparano + Mooney Architecture is a full-service design firm offering comprehensive architectural and planning services to civic, municipal, institutional, and private clients. The firm celebrated two decades of design leadership in 2017 and continues to cultivate a culture of excellence in design and client service as core values. The firm draws inspiration from the rich and timeless modern traditions in architecture, and creates warm and inviting environments that respond to contemporary conditions. Exceptional architectural solutions are consistently developed through a balance of aesthetic and technical innovation delivered through an effective project management process.
  • Todd Davis Architecture
    Todd Davis brings a variety of professional experiences as an architect to a wide range of private residential and retail projects. He and his team oversee all phases of design and construction on TDA projects from conception to completion. Todd was born and raised in the Bay Area and established a passion for architecture at an early age with a variety of interests that have informed his design work including photography, sculpture, furniture and travel.
  • Measured Architecture
    Measured Architecture Inc. creates buildings that are stimulating to occupy and are fundamental to their surroundings. This means getting back to the basics of architectural practice, working with clients and craftspeople to design structures that stand up, keep out the elements and operate as supportive backdrops for people’s lives.
  • EM Architecture
    Emilie Bédard and Maria Rosa Di Ioia jointly run the Montreal firm EM Architecture.
  • SPAN Architecture
    SPAN Architecture brings together a diverse array of experiences and interests as practitioners, teachers, artists, and theorists. Registered architects Karen Stonely, Peter Pelsinski and Jean-Gabriel Neukomm, began collaboration as SPaN in 1998 and formed SPAN Architecture in 2004. The studios award-winning work combines thoughtful and inventive conceptual design with technological innovation and creative material application. The studio thrives on the ability to work with client partners, design teams, technicians and artisans to bring these ideas to fruition. Above all else, SPAN shares a deep appreciation and reverence for architecture that guides the pursuit of creating superlative work.
  • Architecture Workshop
    Architecture Workshop is an ideas-driven practice based in Wellington with a variety of architecture, landscape and urban architecture projects around New Zealand. AW was established by Christopher Kelly on his return to New Zealand from Europe in 1991, following six years studying and then working with architects that included Denys Lasdun and Ian Ritchie. In particular Kelly has been influenced by his ongoing working relationship with one of the world's leading architects, Italian Renzo Piano, and established his own practice as a 'workshop' to reflect the focus on process and construction which he admires in Piano's approach. From 1998-2000 AW collaborated with Renzo Piano and Bovis Lend Lease on a A$500 million design build multi-storey office tower and apartments in Sydney, Australia.
  • Braasch Architecture
    The constant in Braasch Architecture's diverse projects is developing a strong driving concept that grows out of (and meets) the needs of the client. They believe that embracing the constraints of schedule, budget, and function and collaborating closely with the client produces unanticipated solutions and spaces that nourish joy and creativity.
  • rom Architecture
    I knew at age 10 that I would become an architect. My parents suspected it even earlier, when they observed some very elaborate cardboard doll houses, complete with swinging doors and furniture. My education was split between two colleges: Rhode Island School of Design (for the right brain) and Clemson University (for the left brain). The most fulfilling aspect of my work is discovering how great design improves lives.
  • SsD Architecture
    SsDis an architecture firm that approaches design as a convergent, interdisciplinary venture. Minimum form takes maximum effect with the goal to bridge the utopian and the pragmatic. Instead of separating aspects of architecture, landscape, history, social systems, and codes into their constituent disciplines, these agendas are simultaneously explored so that each discipline symbiotically gains from the other. In this way sustainability emerges as an integrated rather than additive result.
  • Baumann Architecture
    Philippe Baumann founded Baumann Architecture PLLC in 2000, an architectural design studio with interests ranging from competitions to urban infill to global urbanism. The studio has extensive experience building in the City of New York, with projects currently under construction such as the innovative steel-sheathed Courtyard House in Gowanus and a zero-energy brownstone in Brooklyn.
  • domusstudio architecture
    domusstudio architecture is an award-winning design studio with a philosophy to produce creative, sustaining, and enriching design across a variety of project types. Their name “domus” is Latin for house, which reflects that most of their projects are owner occupied; houses of worship, houses for books, houses for seniors, children and firefighters, and places people call home.

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