• Broberg & Ridderstråle
    Broberg & Ridderstråle are creative collaborators based in Stockholm, Sweden, working in a mixed architecture and design practice. They strive to add an emotional value to their design that communicates with the user through recognition of symbols and meanings. They often draw inspiration from everyday life and try to combine a rational approach with a bit of wit and the clash between past and present.
  • Kennedy Nolan
    Melbourne firm, Kennedy Nolan was established in 1999 and has since developed a reputation as a design focused practice with a distinctive approach to built form. The practice is dedicated to the production of architecture that is highly responsive to its context and seeks to form a strong relationship with landscape. Design at Kennedy Nolan is generated drawing on the optimistic precepts of modernism - rational, utilitarian, empowered by technology - and a positive view that the design and arrangement of spaces can support and reinforce relationships, can add piquancy and zest to life. Less tangibly, the practice is also compelled to distill the impalpable – to draw on the reaches of memory, the evocative power of recognising form, colour, texture and light, the resonance of shared memories, of history and landscapes.
  • Hufft
    Hufft is a design firm that creates meaningful spaces and objects. Our authentic approach, inspired by people and places, integrates designers and builders into one holistic process.
  • Muji
    MUJI products vividly embody both their product-design methods and overall philosophy. Since the firm's founding in 1980, their goal had been to offer products that excel in quality at lower prices has been achieved by avoiding the waste typical of much product-manufacturing and distribution – in the form of unnecessary functionality, an excess of decoration, and needless packaging. Their design vision is rational, and free of agenda, doctrine, and “isms.” MUJI aspires to modesty and plainness, the better to adapt and shape itself to the styles, preferences, and practices of as wide a group of people as possible.
  • Rick Pharaoh
    West Coast photographer working with clients in locations far and wide. My approach is to capture meaningful images for architects, builders and interior designers.
  • The Jam Jar
    "The Jam Jar is a boutique advertising agency with a diverse range of services. The beliefs that unite us provide us purpose in how we approach what we do for you. We believe in doing the right thing without a focus on profit. We believe in betterment. Our values focus on contributing and not on taking. We have taken the time to search for people with the same focus. This benefits you because we bring a freshness to the table. This kind of freshness of thought is underpinned by purpose and not on talk. The Jam Jar is not a typical advertising agency because we believe something is missing in usual advertising. The missing element is values. We believe humans are moral and not simply rational. We believe we are all making WHY and WHAT based decisions all the time. It is not just about features and benefits which are old school. It is about standing for something, owning a Value. We will help you understand your WHY. You will create a story where WHAT you do reinforces WHY you do it. Any communication, retail, brand or otherwise is all about giving people reasons to believe in you. If you want a different and meaningful advertising, you are on the right website." https://www.thejamjar.com.au/
  • Jason J. Real Estate
    A Different Approach to Real Estate
  • INT2 architecture
    We are a young active team of architects, designers, artists, photographers and philosophers based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded by Alexander Malinin & Anastasia Sheveleva. The name of the studio is a merger of two words: INTuition+INTellect because we believe that answers to many questions lay in between rational and irrational cognition.
  • Hawaii Life
    With a high tech approach and a locally grown touch, Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers is making the most important moments of your life, simpler.
  • Holst Architecture
    Holst partners John Holmes and Jeffery Stuhr have combined their keen modernist design approach with a true desire to create work that works. Since 1992, Holst has successfully blended their client's intentions with environmental and cultural considerations.
  • Joel Freeborn
    Interested in minimalist design and new approaches
  • Truck Vehicle Wraps
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  • PAD Outdoor
    PAD Outdoor is a Los Angeles based furniture design company specializing in products for outdoor use. In the tradition of Southern Californian endeavors such as the Case Study program and Architectural Pottery, PAD explores the concomitant relationship between the artistry of form and the market rationality of production. Our aesthetics are unflinchingly contemporary. While our forms may have ancestors they are steadfastly of their generation and in the best sense of the word au courant. In addition to traditional design strategies such as form/function relationships, ergonomics, and materiality we engage humor and wit as propositions to infix our designs with something more than just formal characteristics. Yet, as formal compositions they can stand on their own.
  • Redesign
    Redesign is the design studio of Neven and Sanja Kovacic. Their active interest in various aspects of technology and society has resulted in a broad spectrum of projects: from recyclable cardboard shelf system to sophisticated test and training sports equipment. Their work is characterized by ecological responsibility, rationality, multifunction and modularity.
  • Tony Panagiotareas
    Modern home, environmentally friendly and with mimimal approach
  • Red Dot Studio
    Red Dot Studio’s approach looks for everyday beauty and meaning, drawing from the Bay Area Tradition, the natural world and an appreciation of craft. Our process elicits discovery and fun, a synthesis shared among studio, client and construction team. Red Dot Studio believes that the built environment can support, enhance, uplift, enlighten and foster good for people and the community. Our projects are narratives allowing the life that occurs within to continue to shape the space.
  • ZeroEnergy Design
    ZeroEnergy Design creates innovative and environmentally sensible homes. More: http://ZeroEnergy.com Our multidisciplinary team of architecture, engineering, and business professionals takes a calculated approach to modern green design and sustainability. The consistent result is a beautiful, high-performance home that holistically matches the owner’s lifestyle, aesthetic desires, and environmental ideology. AWARDS: Best Green Architect—Best of Boston Home, EcoHome Design Grand Award, Architect 50 List, and others.
  • un.box studio
    Un.Box Studio is a collaborative design studio based in Austin, TX. Our goal is to enhance the everyday environment through minimalist, efficient, and sustainable design. Our creative approach to design has allowed us to successfully work in a variety of typologies ranging from residences to mixed-use developments to art exhibit curations. www.un-boxstudio.com
  • Falken Reynolds Interiors
    Falken Reynolds is a Vancouver-based interior design practice. Our work centres on private homes and extends to retail, hospitality and product design. With a global perspective and a highly personal approach, we create inviting spaces shaped by the distinct lives and experiences of our clients. Clean lines, craftsmanship and considered details are our hallmarks. We design environments to exude quiet confidence; a feeling achieved through a balance of seemingly disparate qualities—modernity and warmth, richness and restraint, sophistication and levity, intentionality and surprise. We are deeply curious about each client—their culture, values, communities, travels. Exploring their story is how we discover the voice of each project, and translate it into an intimate and authentic home. Our clients embrace this inquisitive approach for the personality it brings into their daily spaces.