Living Room Laminate Floors Design Photos and Ideas

The wood stove heats the cabin efficiently in winter. The seating nook beside it doubles as wood storage.
Crawford taught himself how to reface the brick fireplace façade, using a creamy-colored, thin set brick. “It was his first time using a tile saw or laying brick, but his meticulous precision paid off,” says Devlin.
The wood slat wall was a great solution for spreading light throughout the split-level and looks right for the era of the house. At $2700, it was also much more cost effective than Devlin’s original design of a metal staircase.
A translucent pergola shades this 183-square-foot studio made from hardy OSB.
As with the dining room upstairs, a portion of the lower-level deck was claimed for a new glass-walled recreation area.
A Wellington, New Zealand, couple loved their neighborhood of Berhampore, but found that with two young sons, they were running out of space. They called on Parsonson Architects to devise a 183-square-foot studio in the backyard of their two-bedroom Victorian cottage. Parsonson outfitted the interior walls, floor, and ceiling with OSB, while structural supports create an artful, geometric aesthetic.
The living room, where the Martinezes spend most of their time, is the largest room in the home. The sofa, which is also a pull-out bed, features a storage compartment in its base and cost $600. An accordion rack ($30) is a convenient place to hang accessories and plants.
The chair and the fireplace in the living area are vintage, and the dresser is from Target.
"Our living room is a mixture of new, thrifted, and handmade pieces," Shaffer says. "We made the coffee table; the top lifts up on hinges so we can use it to eat or put our laptops on it."
"The balcony is kept at the same height as the interior floor and built with similar materials and colors to extend the interior space," says the firm. "Additionally, the interior floor looks like a part of the balcony, thereby erasing the interior–exterior boundary. This design provides residents the feeling of living in nature even though they are actually living in a skyscraper."
"The curve at the ceiling blurs the boundary between roofs and wall," says the firm.
Reveals at the ceiling highlight the wooden roof detail in this Taiwan apartment remodel.
The living space overlooks a three-foot-wide covered patio with artificial turf.
Laminate flooring from the Home Decorators Collection was used for the living area. The ceiling slopes upwards towards the west.
All of the electrical and hydraulic infrastructure has been reinstalled.
The original steel window frames were restored and now overlook views of a lush canopy.