106 Hallway Medium Hardwood Floors Design Photos And Ideas

A glass bridge connects the old house to the new house.
Benches with hidden storage were built into the walls to provide cozy reading or contemplation nooks where each resident can enjoy some private time.
Spatial interconnectivity is facilitated through a plywood “chute” that connects and delineates the original house from the new addition.
The original ceiling panels featured pine paneling, which was a familiar choice for Kristinsson. The panels were removed, refinished off-site, and then reinstalled. New ceiling panels of matching pine were installed in the additions.
Artistic touches have been added at every turn.
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The master bath suite.
The entry features a custom-made floating bench. Hooks were added for convenience, as the mudroom would be the main point of entry after a day spent on the slopes.
The adjacent volume houses the galley kitchen; the Ball clock is by George Nelson Associates.A portion of Jack’s massive collection of more than 10,000 records is displayed in a low-slung walnut shelving unit built along the upstairs stairwell entry.
From the living room, an open floating staircase leads up to the balcony loft and the second-floor bedrooms.
Most of the framing lumber and decking came from FSC certified sources, while the FSC certified oak flooring was grown and manufactured locally by Zena Forest Products.
The master bedroom, the child's room, two bathrooms, and an office space are located on the second level. The white cabinets allow for additional storage space.
The once public hallway between the two apartments now boasts a bold wallpaper by Kravitz Design for Flavor Paper.
Hallway on the second level of the house.
A sinuous ramp links public space to the private space.
Placing seating in a hallway or corridor might sound counterintuitive. However, adding seating— in particular a piece that takes advantage of the length and narrowness of a hallway, like a bench—is particularly well-suited because it works as a waiting nook.
All of the doors in the hallway were salvaged and found by the owners. Yun designed and inserted the glass transom windows above the doors.
Inside the entry, looking through the house towards the extension, Emery's original palette combined white walls with wood floors.
Elegant ceramic pendant lamps are draped on each post.
Adjacent to the elevator, the main entry to the space, sits a custom millwork piece for gathering everyday essentials.
Large glass windows bring in ample amounts of natural light.
The entryway is minimal yet stylish, thanks to simple and location-specific artwork and a couple of brightly covered books.
Art work along the walls of the hallway that connect the wings.
The entry to a corridor that leads to the bedroom wing.
Wood-lined walls hold storage space and match the six-inch-wide plank oak flooring.
Art and games throughout the space invoke camp memories. Much of the art and accessories, like the photographs above, come from the Camp Wandawega Land of Nod collaboration.
Large openings in the latticework facade brings in sunshine and sea breezes.
The rich textural contrast between concrete and wood on the façade, is repeated with the interiors.
A skylight in the hallway.
The floors of the common areas were fitted in white oak.
The new living room/dining room space is bright and airy compared to the previous dark and outdated state.
A walkway leads across the upper level.
The striking juxtaposition of wood and glass.
A George Nakashima chaise in foyer.
Fitted on all sides with warm wood, this double-height, gable-shaped passageway serves as the entrance to the house.
On view in the soaring atrium are a jacaranda high board from the 1960s, a chrome and glass lamp from Italy, a black leather chair and footstool by Sergio Rodrigues, a Berber rug, and a pair of photographs by the Brazilian artist Luiz Braga.
Antique-looking birdhouses are displayed in a hallway office space upstairs.
North Hatley, Quebec
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
An interior window creates flow between the skylit landing and baby Banks’s room.
Floris, seven, stands on the mezzanine next to a walnut version of the Wave sideboard her father designed for Content by Terence Conran. The enamel water jug was found at a local brocante market.
Though the minimal layout maxmizies open space, moments of contrast, such as the wood grain against the perforated metal divider, animate the interior.
The central gallery, framed by wood screen walls on both sides, links the main living spaces.  The partitions create a more open, expansive volume.
Just inside the front door, more custom casework features the Corsican Weave laminate from California Closets.
Gallery to Bedroom Suites

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.