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The sheltering forms are a progressive reimagining of ancient structures and simple construction principles, realised using contemporary digital fabrication techniques.
The exterior of the farmhouse is clad with prefabricated panels composed of hemp fiber.
Homes exterior is updated for greater curb appeal.
A major challenge was dealing with arcane planning requirement that dictated the need for two off street parking spaces. Our solution was to design the front entry path that served as the second “parking” space and was then finished into entry path.
Entry way has a modern feel with custom door and lighting.
After traversing a winding drive, visitors to the Longhouse are greeted by views framed by open doorways.
Double-glazed windows are an important feature that help control the building’s interior climate.
The Longhouse is clad in Ampelite fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate sheeting. Per the firm: "The smart gel-coated cladding provides different levels of UV and infrared resistance, and panels with different finishes have been deployed to optimize solar penetration and shading depending on the orientation of each facade and roof plane." This cools temperatures in summer and keeps warmth in winter.
The Daylesford Longhouse sits on 20 acres in central Victoria. It houses a boutique farm, garden kitchen, cooking school, reception venue, and home inside a single building that’s 110 meters long.
The two structures are connected by green space.
"By reversing the shape of the land and the house, we wanted to think about the relationship between house and nature and notion of form," said the firm.
The home's lower level is submerged in the hillside. The three bedrooms on the upper level have access to the roof terrace.
The 2,026-square-foot house is split into two structures, with an underground garage separating the two halves.
The Ecocapsule fits inside a standard shipping container, and it’s lightweight enough to be towed on a trailer by a passenger car.
The Ecocapsule has a steel frame, a fiberglass body, and high-quality polyurethane foam insulation, which helps it “achieve a performance almost at the level of a passive house,” says the company.
The Ecocapsule is a mobile, self-sufficient micro home that utilizes solar and wind energy. It was designed by Nice & Wise (formerly Nice Architects), a studio in Slovakia.
The master suite on the second level features a terrace and a lofted area.
The home's signature shiny exterior is composed of energy-efficient insulating concrete forms.
Drawing upon solar efficiency studies, the architects designed deep eaves to shelter the large expanses of glass.
Tucked away on the edge of a small lake surrounded by mountains and topped off with a grass-covered roof, this hunting cabin designed by Snøhetta is made with locally sourced stones.
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE
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In the Dolomite mountains, an angular copper-clad apartment building echoes the topography of its site. Photos by Hertha Hurnaus
From of House from Street
Garden View at Dusk
The home pays homage to the area's rural character, rich heritage, and building typology.
The property was meant to fade into its surroundings, which it does at a distance.
Above the two-bay garage is a guest apartment (approximately 600 square feet.) that features a sleeping alcove, kitchen, bath, living room, laundry area, gas fireplace, and balcony.
The overhang assists in keeping the home cool in the summer, as it blocks some of the sunlight.
The home has a unique industrial aesthetic thanks to the use of eco-friendly structural insulated panels (SIPs) that are prefabricated off-site, manufactured with a minimum amount of waste, and then quickly assembled on the property.
London's Athenaeum Hotel near Hyde Park features a side living wall designed by well, you guessed it, Patrick Blanc. (Pin).
To raise awareness about biodiversity in cities and the benefits it delivers, the EEA façade, overlooking one of the most prominent squares of Copenhagen, Denmark, gets shielded with a vertical garden (shaped like a map of the European continent!) which uses a mesh pattern, similar to a cross-stich pattern, that fills in dirt and various flowers. Via WalkOnWaterOrDrown.
Front house night view

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