Top 5 Homes of the Week With Lush Outdoor Spaces

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Lush Outdoor Spaces

By Samantha Daly
These outdoor spaces from the Dwell community are perfect for warm summer nights. Take a peek at the tranquil, plant-filled backyards, gardens, and courtyards that caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. M3 House

Architect: OLARQ Osvaldo Luppi Architects, Location: Bendinat, Spain 

From the architect: "In a search for privacy and views to the sea, the starting compact volume is broken up to open up a courtyard. A complex series of transparencies, reflections, and long views across the patio strengthens the continuous presence of endless spaces."

2. Oatlands

Architect: SOUP Architects, Location: England, United Kingdom

From the architect: "A new extensive planting scheme has been incorporated into the works to soften the buildings into the extended garden. The new buildings have been constructed from a contrasting light-gray brick, with sedum roofs to the studio, and ground-floor extensions softening the house further into the garden setting."

3. Port Ludlow House

Architect: FINNE Architects, Location: Port Ludlow, Washington

From the architect: "The east-facing house is sited along a high bank, with a wonderful view of the water. The main living volume is completely glazed, with glass walls facing the view, and large sliding glass doors that open to a slightly raised wood deck, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space. During the warm summer months, the living area feels like a large, open porch. Anchoring the north end of the living space is a two-story building volume containing several bedrooms and separate his/her office spaces."

4. Living Levels

Architect: Oza Sabbeth Architects, Location: Sagaponack, New York

From the architect: "The house is slowly revealed through a wild landscape of a few trees. [The first level] level opens to a swimming pool and views of the farm to the west beyond. The complex topography also opened up the possibility for a house with multiple fronts. This tied into a primary design objective the client came to us with: a house with private encounters to the outside."

5. House of Inside and Outside

Architect: Tamara Wibowo Architects, Location: Semarang, Indonesia

From the architect: "Located on a corner lot of a hilly neighborhood in the city of Semarang, Indonesia, the house opens up to its surrounding as much as it embodies comfortable living spaces in the interior of the house. The house has tall and wide recessed openings throughout, not only to maximize visual connection to its surrounding, but also to let the home breathe by bringing protected light and air inside. The articulation of the openings allows them to create an uninterrupted and boundless relationship between outside and inside of the house." 

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