Top 5 Homes of the Week With Tranquil Bathrooms

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Tranquil Bathrooms

These bathrooms from the Dwell community are the epitome of serenity and style. Check out our editor’s top community-submitted homes that have perfected their own private respite.

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1. Shou Sugi Ban House

Architect: Schwartz and Architecture, Location: Los Gatos, California

From the architect: "The original home occupies a prominent hilltop overlooking Silicon Valley and faces into the pristine rolling hills of a nature preserve at the end of the house receiving the new addition. Taking cues from dominant natural elements of the surrounding densely wooded hillside—boulders, bark, and leaves—[we] created a two-story addition with the visual weight needed to anchor the long axis of the extended original house."

2. Tehama Grasshopper

Architect: Fougeron Architecture, Location: San Francisco, California

From the architect: "The ground floor office is utilitarian in design while the second floor living area is open, with clear glass panes throughout. The connection between interior and exterior is the ultimate celebration of urban living, which is why the third-floor penthouse offers breathtaking views of the city skylines."

3. Ashworth Residence

Architect: CAST Architecture, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architect: "A serene modern oasis on a small urban lot, the Ashworth House is a renovation and second-story addition over a cottage originally constructed in 1912."

4. Eastwood Residence

Architect: Gregory L. Howe, Location: Chicago, Illinois

From the architect: "While the site had many advantages, one contextual constraint was the pair of large houses that hug the property. These structures prompted the pulling of sunlight into the interior in innovative ways without compromising privacy. An exterior atrium cuts into the core of the house bringing light into what normally would be its darkest parts. The atrium footprint is evoked in a double height space that houses the staircase and it is topped with a series of skylights that flood the space with light on even the cloudiest of days." 

5. Hilltop Residence

Architect: Design Platform, Location: Denver, Colorado

From the architect: "[The] master bathroom suite. [It features a] glossy white vanity with dark quartz waterfall countertop. Hexagon tile drops down wall the from the shower enclosure to the tub surround." 

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