Top 5 Homes of the Week That Embrace California Living

Top 5 Homes of the Week That Embrace California Living

These homes are in a golden state of mind. With sweeping views, floor-to-ceiling windows, and interiors inspired by the ocean, our editor's top homes of the week show that Californian homes are like no other.

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1. Midcentury Dream House

Interior design: Tandem Design, Location: Santa Monica, California

From the interior designer: "Tandem Design specializes in livable interiors that push creative boundaries. Each design represents a unique opportunity—a chance to shape a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, that doesn’t wall itself off into easy categorization such as "vintage" or "modern" or "classic." Spaces are extensions of the people who occupy them—various, enigmatic, full of possibility. Our goal is to give each client a finished result that matches the dynamism of the people themselves, a space they can feel at home in and be proud of."

2. Ventura Keys Residence

Architect: Martha Picciotti, Location: Ventura Keys, California

From the interior designer, Jesse DeSanti: "The owners really wanted to make sure that the furniture was inviting and interesting, but still felt like it fit the space. Martha designed a great open space, but without the furniture the space could have felt very cold. [The owners and I] worked really hard to bring in the texture, neutral colors, and warmth to make the space inviting."

3. Ross Modern

Architect: David Kotzebue, Location: Ross, California

From the realtor: "Inspired by its unique natural setting and blending effortlessly with the land, one is prompted to think this five bedroom, four and a half bath home is the manifestation of a lost design from an early modern master. Skillfully designed to integrate wholly within its mostly flat over half acre site, this residence stretches out comfortably upon this lush, tranquil setting. Sleek, staggered roof lines meet wide-plank horizontal siding of reclaimed old growth redwood that blends beautifully with stacked limestone accents. Copper clad fascia surrounds the roof line connecting to the living roof above."

4. Connect 5 Sonoma

Architect: Connect Homes, Location: Sonoma, California

From the architect: "With Western red cedar siding and sliding floor-to-ceiling windows, the home invites the surrounding nature into its space, the design both reflecting and sharply contrasting with its environment. The minimalist kitchen and generous living area look out over the hills of Sonoma, maximizing the view and natural light."

5. Creekside Residence

Architect: Feldman Architecture, Location: Palo Alto, California

From the architect: "For the remodel, the architects retained the footprint of the existing house, and opened it up to form the basis of the public areas, including the kitchen, living room, and dining room. These spaces open up to an outdoor patio and eating area, merging in to the rear yard and creek beyond. The dining room projects into the rear yard as a glass box surrounded by landscape, creating a space for enjoying time with family and friends and holding impromptu work meetings."

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