Top 5 Homes of the Week With Luxurious Outdoor Showers and Tubs

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Luxurious Outdoor Showers and Tubs

By Samantha Daly
Soak in the sights with these tranquil outdoor tubs, showers, and spas. Go ahead and dip your toe into these ultra-cool homes from the Dwell community that caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. The Window House

The Window House by Formzero features a serene garden bathroom, complete with forest views.

Architect: Formzero, Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From the architect: "A concrete shell—the key feature of the building—wraps the house from east to west. This shell serves two purposes: As an additional layer of thermal insulation, and an added degree of privacy for the owners. The shell is shaped in a telescoping form, tapered at the front and opened up to frame the views of the forest at the rear of the house."

2. The Rubber Ducky Trail House

Hoogland Architecture designed the Rubber Ducky Trail House to capture desert views from every angle. An outdoor spa allows the residents to linger outdoors well into the evening.

Architect: Hoogland Architecture, Location: Blue Diamond, Nevada 

From the architect: "A limited palette of materials and a minimal aesthetic are fitting to the stark, weathered, Mojave Desert setting...the bank of the arroyo seems to have been worn away over time, exposing a raw concrete foundation. Crossing the arroyo gives access to world-class hiking and mountain biking trails."

3. Tom's House

Tom's House was designed by Anna-Marie Chin with the surrounding landscape in mind. A soaking tub sits a few paces down the slope, capturing stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Architect: Anna-Marie Chin, Location: Otago, New Zealand 

From the owner: "[This] award-winning, architecturally designed home [is] situated on an elevated north-facing site, offering uninterrupted views and all-day sun. This brand new home offers many surprises with full, modern amenities—you don't need to bring anything. Expect the unexpected."

4. Family House Litvínovice

The outdoor atrium of Family House Litvínovice is a completely private space that's well-suited for the installation of a hammock, outdoor bath, or shower. A11 designed the home to be an exploration of minimalism and privacy from the outside world.

Architect: Jiří Weinzettl of A111, Location: Litvínovice, Czechia

From the photographer/project uploader: "The floor plan of the house can be described as a letter T inscribed into an irregular quadrangle with one rounded corner, which is a shape given by the site. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are separated only by furniture items. [A] huge frameless window that [looks] through the covered terrace to the garden enhances the feeling of the open space without barriers."

5. W. 3rd Ave Residence

This custom mosaic hot tub commissioned by Bricault Design is inspired by the Copacabana boardwalk of Rio de Janeiro—a nod to the client’s connection to Brazil.

Architect: Bricault Design, Location: Vancouver, Canada

From the project uploader: "Bricault worked with a number of master craftsmen to produce an array of custom elements in the home, including: an ‘oyster’ sink of carved solid teak; a mixed metal tapestry in the stairwell that amplifies natural light while creating privacy, backlit by a constellation of small custom glass pendants produced in-house by Bricault Design; bronze panels for the fireplace and entry that are etched with abstract and floral Japanese patterns; and a custom hot tub with a mosaic tile design."

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