This Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Is the Ultimate Nomadic Dwelling

Transforming ubiquitous corrugated boxes into sleek pop-up homes, shops, and shelters, Cocoon Modules is redefining what a container can be.
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Thanks to the help of Athens–based Cocoon Modules and the Greek mattress brand Coco-Mat, shipping containers are not only becoming a symbol of modernity and resiliency in construction, but also an affordable, eco-friendly living solution. 

Large, sliding glass doors connect the interior living spaces to the garden, while drawing in plentiful daylight.

This modular concept promotes environmental design, while allowing construction to respond to the currents needs of the modern day nomad. 

The end elevation displays the shipping container structure and original doors. 

Beautifully designed, these mobile structures are composed of high-quality materials at a more budget-friendly price, along with transportable, easy-to-assemble components.

This earthquake resistant solution has been designed and crafted by an experienced team of architects and engineers who have diligently created an energy-efficient solution that is completely turnkey to the end user.

Creating eco-friendly structures ideal for pop-up stores, holiday homes, and emergency shelters, this lego-like architecture is redefining what a container can be. This current prototype unit has been based on sponsorship by renowned companies that operate in Greece and internationally.

The dwelling features timber siding on the sides and back of the home, with a large sliding glass door that connects the living spaces to the outdoors. Topped by a green roof and able to run off the grid, the small box is a symbol of efficiency. 

Colorful teal and green cushions decorate the built-in wood furniture. Simple open shelves extend along the living space, providing additional storage.

Designed to maximize comfort, brightly lit interior spaces provide views to the surrounding landscape, while the floor plan of the open living area, kitchen, and dining room maximizes space in a small footprint. 

 Also incorporated is a bathroom, private sleeping quarters complete with a Coco-Mat mattress, and sustainably designed furnishings. 

Large windows draw daylight into the sleeping quarters, while providing beautiful views to the gardens.

Built-in closets create a wall between the sleeping quarters and living spaces, allowing for more storage space.

The containers can be built within six to eight weeks. They can then be transported and placed on site. 

The same light, rift-cut wood is used throughout the space, creating a continuous connection between spaces. The built-in table can be used as a desk or dining area.

By implementing the modular concept, spaces of profound design can be constructed and expanded upon like building blocks. 

Small but efficient, the bathroom is completed with a vanity, storage, large mirror, and window.

A clean, contemporary shower with a glass screen provides a quaint retreat.

The pilot unit of Cocoon Modules is currently exhibited at the central Coco-Mat offices and showroom at 165, Tatoiou street in Kifissia, Athens, Greece. 

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Cocoon Modules Private Company (PC)

Builder / General Contractor: Cocoon Modules PC

Structural Engineer: Ergon Analysis

Lighting Design: Cocoon Modules PC / Site Specific 

Interior Design: Cocoon Modules PC

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Geroge Klepkos

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