8 Modern Offices That Feel Like Homes

8 Modern Offices That Feel Like Homes

By Michele Koh Morollo
Today's modern workplace psychology is all about making employees feel comfortable and happy so that they feel motivated and passionate about what they're doing and where they are.

One may argue that the ideal workplace is an ever-evolving space where ideas are conceived and developed with effective communication between coworkers.

Today, designers understand the importance of creating home-like work spaces—places that draw people together and offer them the freedom to create and produce their best work.

Here are eight modern offices that bring that "at-home" feel to the workplace.  

Squarespace’s Minimalist Portland Office

Squarespace's Portland office has plenty of open spaces, like this large circular open bar where coworkers can gather and swap ideas.

Interface design tool company Figma makes employees feel at ease with a cozy, living room-like lounge area and long lunch tables that encourage a strong sense of community.

Designed for a leaner and more flexible approach to work, our very own New York office located in a Bone Collective co-working facility in Manhattan has tons of comfy corners and natural light.

An Art Deco warehouse conversion in Melbourne is home to two creative enterprises that share a common boardroom, kitchen, and break space.

As a company that knows the importance of feeling at home, Airbnb’s Paris office was inspired by the city's attic lofts and includes a solarium and roof garden.

At the office of sculptural lighting company Bocci, an outdoor courtyard garden sits just a few feet away from works stations so that staff can take a break and soak up a little sunshine when needed.

Inside a renovated post office in Richmond, Virginia, is the office of digital agency Mobelux. It includes a theater, billiards, and a lounge area in the basement. 

Australian architect Andrew Maynard created a sun-drenched extension in his own Melbourne Victorian-terrace home, and transformed it into the office for his practice Austin Maynard Architects. He shares it with his business partner Mark Austin and the rest of his coworkers.


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