Step Inside Squarespace’s Minimalist Portland Office

Step Inside Squarespace’s Minimalist Portland Office

By Jonathan Simcoe
Squarespace is known for its bold and iconic brand, and for helping the masses build sleek, professional websites.

Like the restrained, minimalist vibe that their brand conveys, the company's office spaces are equally stark and striking.

We previously wrote about Squarespace’s stunning NYC office space. Today, we take you inside their Portland digs, which maintain the contrasting black, white, and neutral hues of its East Coast counterpart—but adds unique flair that captures the cultural creativity of Portland.

The large circular open bar and the harsh contrast of black and white make a dramatic, yet engaging, place for coworkers to congregate and connect.

Portland is a bike-friendly city, and these massive vault doors create a memorable and secure space for employees to park their vehicles.

Having large standing spaces in common areas is a newer trend in office spaces, but they allow employees to work in the way that is best suited to them.

This dark lounge space with dramatic lighting is juxtaposed with a wall of carefully tended plants—hinting at the greenery that Portlanders are surrounded by year-round.

These dimly lit, private workspaces offer a way for employees to find focus and heads-down time away from the bustle of larger open spaces.

This large conference room breaks from the black and white theme to create a sea of warm neutrals flooded with natural light from above.

Touches of warmth are added to this dark space with dynamic lighting to breathe life into the room.

Employees eat at tables in a large entry space with plenty of windows and natural light.

A black room with stunning geometry creates the perfect spot to chill and play some video games.

Large tables, modern plywood chairs, and neutral tones offset the white and brick to make a comfortable, open space to work in.

Well-designed spaces are all about people—creating places for coworkers to connect and be the best versions of themselves.

Squarespace’s Portland office is dramatic and unique, but also creative and inviting: a perfect fit for a quirky city that enjoys pushing the boundaries, being edgy, and also being distinctly warm and human.


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