Figma's SF Office Celebrates the Humanity of Work

Figma's SF Office Celebrates the Humanity of Work

By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
Many companies are changing up the way workspaces look and feel—productivity at all costs is not the highest guiding principle anymore and Figma is no exception.

Figma is a new design tool that is changing the way product teams collaborate and work. I've written about how to use Figma to start building design systems on Medium.

I recently came across their Careers page which highlights the culture and benefits of working at Figma. I could wax long about work culture and environments but I was struck by how human and balanced their space appeared and how communal the culture seemed to be.

I couldn't help marvel at some of the interior beauty and wonder how much of that culture is shaped by the way the space was designed and executed.

Soak in the views of Figma's beautiful San Francisco office space.

* * *

Seas of neutrals are juxtaposed with pops of vibrant colors and life.

Vibrant primary colors meet cool grays and white in this sitting space.

Large white desk space is set against dark and neon wall art with accents of plywood.

Open shelving and books with a sea of posters in the rear brings color and life to the sea of whites, grays, and light wood flooring.

Organic painted patterns create a fun and inviting vibe in this open sitting space.

A long lunch table means bringing people together.

Long tables, an abundance of light, and a dark vector tapestry create a quirky combination that represents Figma's unique culture.


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