An Art Deco Warehouse in Melbourne Is Converted Into a Shared Office Space

An Art Deco Warehouse in Melbourne Is Converted Into a Shared Office Space

A dynamic warehouse conversion in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, allows two creative businesses to share a boardroom and break area in a homey, Art Deco-inspired space.

Once a manufacturing hub, Cremorne in Melbourne’s inner-city has seen an influx of start-ups and creative companies setting up shop, giving new life to the area's factories, warehouses, and Victorian cottages. 

A burgeoning culture of ideas and connectivity was what guided the design of Gwynne Street Studio, an Art Deco-era warehouse that was converted into two separate, yet connected offices. 

Designed by Melbourne-based design studio Biasol, the 5,167-square-foot Gwynne Street Studio is now home to Biasol’s own practice, along with another business called Create Company. 

The building’s facade was enlivened with pink and gray paint, which subtly continues into the interiors. A new steel sign reflects the building’s industrial heritage, while a driveway entry ramp pays homage to the warehouse’s previous life as an offset printer. 

Though the steel trusses and brick walls of the original warehouse were retained, the architects installed a transparent roof to flood the interiors with sunlight. 

Within, polished-concrete floors, White Fantasy marble, lime-washed plywood, a pared-down material palette, and plants create an elegant yet down-to-earth contemporary space that encourages interaction and collaboration. 

In lieu of solid walls, glazed floor-to-ceiling partitions with black frames link the various interior zones. This results in a high level of transparency—something that's in the DNA of both companies. Reeded glass panels are used in the areas that require more privacy. 

Different color palettes differentiate the two companies and respond to their individual needs. Biasol’s office was designed as a gray-toned, open-plan studio that encourages creative brainstorming. 

Rich teal was used throughout Create Company's areas to create a professional space that's appropriate for frequent client meetings. 

The configuration of the space encourages teams from both offices to interact and collaborate. The design also accommodates flexibility that's required for future growth. 

The boardroom, break space, and kitchen, which are shared between the two companies, have a relaxing, almost home-like feel to them. 


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