10 Modern Fireplaces That Make For Inviting Interiors

10 Modern Fireplaces That Make For Inviting Interiors

There’s something magical about fireplaces, especially during the winter months, when having friends and family gathered around the embers brings an extra layer of warmth into our homes.

Old-fashioned fireplaces, however, can be eyesores at best and hazards at worst. Thankfully, these days there are so many choices when it comes to designing your fireplace. Here are some of our favorite modern fireplaces that combine form and function.

1. Cut In Stone

This six-bedroom villa in Brussels has a cut-in-stone fireplace underneath a glass-enclosed walkway.

Designed by London architect John Pawson, this home in Saint Tropez has a freestanding fireplace framed by clean lines and bright white walls that acts as the heart a dynamic open-plan living room.

A contemporary glass-encased fireplace in this Zermatt villa serves as a partition separating the living lounge from the dining area.

The discreet fireplace in this Belgium home blends in with the wall-mounted television, Low Pad chair by Jasper Morrison, and a brass-and-steel coffee table in the cozy living room.

In this remote holiday rental home in New Zealand, guests can warm themselves by the asymmetrically-shaped fireplace while looking out to views of a gorgeous, deserted bay.

In Greenwater, Washington, a courtyard house on a river was designed with a steel-clad fireplace mass that separates the living room from a covered outdoor patio.  

SU11 Architecture+Design designed this Grand Street loft in New York with a sleek, minimalist corner fireplace built with perpendicular glass panels.

In this home in the snowy forests of Eastern Quebec, a centralized fireplace was built into a custom, multi-purpose cabinet welded from sheets of hot-rolled steel. 

A modern cabin in Washington’s Methow Valley has a fireplace with glazing on two opposite sides, so its owners can watch the embers of the fireplace glowing either while sitting out on the patio, or from the lounge area within.


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