• Brian White
    Brian White received an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee and a Master's of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. He has also studied abroad in Europe and South America. He was a senior designer for firms in San Francisco, St. Louis, and Portland before starting his own practice in 1999. He has taught at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and the University of Oregon. He is a member of the AIA and a registered Architect in Oregon and California and is NCARB certified.
  • Kirsty White
    Kirsty White is an illustrator and designer who graduated with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Arts from Liverpool School of Art. She has been acknowledge for illustrating two covers for Penguin Book-one of which has already been published. In addition, Kirsty won the Penguin design award and Best in the North illustration competition in 2010.
  • Paul White
    Paul White creates artisan furniture locally harvested trees that he finds around the metropolitan Cleveland area and northeast Ohio.
  • Scott White
    Furniture has always been a powerful draw in my life.As a teen, I pored over Architectural Digest and home-interior magazines, losing myself for hours in a world of beautiful objects. My first job out of college was stuffing pillows in a custom-furniture business. Later, when things bottomed out for me in the early nineties with a stay in drug rehab, it was factory work at a furniture plant that saved my life. No longer on the sidelines drooling over glossy pictures or fulfilling a mindless unskilled task, I was where the real action was, building something. Table tops and drawer panels, to be specific. I worked the glue reel; a huge automated clamping machine. The job was physically demanding and I loved it. Fast forward to 2005. A medical emergency struck: my right leg had a deep vein thrombosis that kept me confined to a brutal hospital bed for 5 days. I'd heard stories of people who died from blood clots and got spooked. I questioned what I wanted from my future, and started out with a first step of rearranging my apartment, revitalizing a stagnant space by stirring up the energy. I needed a coffee table and went shopping but found nothing I cared for, so I built one. Then another. The process thrilled me and time became nonexistent. The only problem was my apartment became a dust collection system. I needed more space. And I needed more tools to make this stuff because ideas were flooding my head so fast I felt schizophrenic. I needed a.....could I say the word? 'shop.' I made one phone call and a month later I met a cabinetmaker-turned-philanthropist, John S. After a brief tour of his shop John handed me the keys. Now this was no ordinary shop. Everything I needed/wanted was available: saws, drills, taps/dies, routers, even a dust collection system.
  • White Design
    Think about the space in which you live and/or work. You also sleep there. Eat. Think. Love. Create. Get Ready. Play. Talk. Entertain. Return to. Does this space have meaning to you? Do you feel at ease there? My designs are intended to be of service. To elevate the banal. They are meant to enable your life and enhance your living space for a peaceful existence. With an external world that can seem amiss, I find solace in returning to a space that is comfortable, tidy and calm. It helps me breathe a little easier to know what I am returning to, even when I am not physically occupying that space.
  • WhiteRock GripTire
    White Rock GRiP Tire offers expert service in tires and tire maintenance for all of White Rock BC and Surrey BC. Looking for new tire or not sure of the kind of tire you need? Give us a call and we will take a look at your existing tires and recommend the best solution for your automobile. Contact White Rock Grip Tire today for a free estimate. Call 778-537-4747.
  • Riva Floors
    Wide Plank European White Oak floors made in Spain. Stocked in the USA. www.Rivafloors.com
  • Chester Law Group
    Personal injury law firm with offices throughout Ohio. Address : 430 White Pond Dr, Akron, OH 44320 Phone : 800-218-4243 Website : http://chesterlaw.com
  • kronfonster
    Kronfönster is one of the few full line manufacturer on the market. We produce PVC windows , wooden windows and aluminum windows, doors, sliding doors , sliding doors and folding portions parties. Culture Window , combined windows 2 + 1, 3 glass windows, 2 glass windows, outward, inward, fast, turn windows , double doors , window doors. Our large selection and variety is equally appreciated by architects in homeowners who want something extra. Obviously Kronfönster usual standard white windows. We also stock windows and doors for immediate delivery.