185 Windows Picture Window Type Design Photos And Ideas

Modern windows have the vital task of connecting your home with the outside world. Bringing in air and light, they provide opportunities for contemplation when arranged above a dining nook, or a portal to the natural world when overlooking an oceanside scene. Framed with wood, metal, or vinyl, these inspiring window designs range from skylights to picture windows.

The recycled blackbutt shiplap will weather over time, revealing a grayish hue as it ages.
“All window openings have reveals formed by the walls folding into them, which increases the light refraction coming into the rooms,” explain the architects.
A large interior window allows light to reach the main living spaces.
Olympia Prairie Home windows
Across from the third-story study room, the master bedroom is furnished with Fritz Hansen PK22 loungers by Poul Kjaerholm and a round, black Marquina mable Ballerina coffee table designed by Nendo for Marsotto Edizioni.
The new dormer acts as a skylight for the living room, and also brings light to the upper level, thanks to a cut-out in the hallway.
The master bedroom features an antique Norwegian bed rebuilt by Strønes Snekkerversksted.
While once not much of a looker, the redone property now boasts a sauna, among other luxurious amenities.
Special moments are integrated throughout the home which provide function for both the parents and kids. Here, a deep window doubles as a reading nook.
Large expanses of glass lead to the deck and panoramic desert views.
Rustic stairs lead to a pair of dormitory-style bedrooms with west-facing windows.
Plants and antique shelving serve as a divide between the check-in area and the rest of the lobby, which includes the dining area of Dóttir, the hotel's restaurant.
Large windows in the upstairs bedrooms create the illusion of being immersed in the treetops. The custom furniture is by Santiago Torres.
"As one moves between levels, a variety of unexpected vantage points and views are revealed," says the firm.
Homes with abundant natural light are optimal for an indoor garden.
This cozy perch is begging you to sit down with a good book.
“I think my favorite part of the house is the dining area in the great room,” says Kieron. “It points one’s gaze toward the majestic canopy of the cypress hedgerow abutting the Gualala river; I never tire of that landscape. Also, in the stillness of the early morning, the deer graze around the glass box that is Skyfall, and I feel like roles have reversed and they have come to visit their human zoo.”
“I wanted it to feel almost like you’re in a helicopter when you’re on the top floor,” adds Clive.
In the front yard, an existing jacaranda tree anchors the otherwise new landscape design.
CVC House by Estudio MMX
The master bedroom and a lofted child’s room are situated on opposite ends of the home, linked together by a catwalk that overlooks the main lower living areas.
Ten-foot windows frame views of a Zen garden built along the exterior in front of the home.
The lower level is lined with walls of glass, including clerestory windows that distribute light throughout the residence.
Windows frame spectacular views of the landscape.
Upon entering the home, a central gathering of clerestory windows immediately focuses the view. Architects Bridgett Shank and Megan Carter refer to this architectural feature as a ‘light monitor.’
Another view of the library and an expansive window that floods the space in natural light.
“When it came to designing the inside of the home, we wanted to have your eye continue on through the glass instead of landing on a lot of details,” comments Liz.
“When it came to designing the inside of the home, we wanted to have your eye continue on through the glass instead of landing on a lot of details,” comments Liz.
Derek Gray of Bay West Builders made the entry bench from wood earmarked for an unbuilt breakfast bar. Radiant-heated concrete floors offer a polished counterpoint to the board-formed walls outside.
A painting by Fleur’s mother is displayed on the stair.
The living room of Wood H by Dualchas Architects has a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape and the Atlantic Ocean.
“My team and I are big fans of Marvin products,” says Anderson.  “Designed and manufactured here in Minnesota, they’re ideal for local modern and  traditional homes and cabins, as well as our other projects across the country.”
Sunlight pours into all sides of the interior, lending living spaces the scientifically proven benefits of increased exposure to natural light.
The open plan layout features a double-height central space.
 A minimalist reading room sits atop the structure and frames the lush mountain view.
As a thought-provoking exploration of environment and design, this minimalist ring-shaped holiday home in Aragon, Spain, abandons boundaries and opens itself up to nature. Designed with a distinct shape and circular symmetry, the indoor and outdoor spaces of Solo Circle are visually and physically linked to the house’s hilltop wilderness setting, as well as a sun-soaked interior courtyard with a pool.
The gable roofs of the house are expressed on the second floor, where the lofted ceilings are covered with birch plywood.
Simple geometry, natural materials, and large openings which engage with the surrounding mountainous views create a contemporary retreat to relax and unwind.
The lower level is clad in locally sourced stone. The punched windows feature weathered steel accents.
Available as a holiday rental, the house comes with multiple bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, living areas, a hot tub, and a fitness center.
Large, full-height windows bring a sense of the surroundings inside the home.
The double-height glass is layered over with a brise-soleil at the upper floor which screens sun, adds visual interest to the facade, and creates lovely interior shadows.
Two large sliding doors centered with the tasting room bar bring the vineyard into the space, while also serving as a passive cooling system in the summer when used in tandem with the upper clerestory windows.
Like Irving Gill’s Dodge House, Zamarbide’s dwelling is designed to capture changing shadows and daylight with its minimalist surfaces while framing views through arched windows.
Locally sourced, low-emitting materials were used inside and out. The floors throughout are bamboo.
The desert vibe is strong throughout the home.
Mount Pleasant Modern: Front Entry Interior
Double glazed patio doors and bedroom window custom manufactured by Velfac.
The living room resembles a large eye with a curved window and an eyelash-like eave that protects against dust, wind, sun, and rain.