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Display nooks for the couple's objects d'art.
Discreet built-in storage.
One of the walls hides a pull out sofa and a wardrobe.
Like the kitchen, the closet vanity features stained white oak cabinetry.
A minimalist material palette of oak, concrete, black steel, and white stucco creates an airy and serene interior.
The open shelves separate the more secluded sleeping and study area from the rest of the apartment, yet still allow for strong visual connectivity, as well as ample light flow.
Storage has been incorporated under the open selves, within false ceilings, and overhead cupboards.
This custom-built timber storage unit serves as a counterpoint to the glass-walled study and injects a sense of honey-hued warmth to a mostly monochromatic palette.
A close-up of the daybed and additional storage cabinets.
The plywood wrapper ties the kitchen together as it wraps over and around IKEA cabinets.
Plexiglass panels have been used for for the kitchen cabinets and staircase shelving.
A modular furniture wall, which the RIGI team refers to as a "life board," was used as a flexible system that accommodates various storage and shelving configurations.
view from master bath into master closet
The greenhouse volume has a shed roof that slopes at the same angle as the main volume.
A BBDW leather credenza and round mirror, along with a chandelier by Urban Electric Kensington are located in the entry hall.
The reused doors serve as more than floor, walls, and ceiling; several are still functional. In the dining room, the benches lift up for storage, and doors on either side of the banquette open to reveal closets.
Brooklyn, New York
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
The mudroom is an essential stop for the family after skiing and other outdoor excursions. Lockers provide neat storage for all their gear.
Shelving and storage was added as space allowed.
Taku designed built-in storage for Eugene’s room.
Looking back toward the front of the bus, more storage becomes visible. The pink dresser on the right holds the family's clothes. The gray dresser to the left incorporates a standing desk for Brandon and hides mechanicals.
Custom millwork closets were added and lined with cedar and brass knobs that the owner found. Because of two dormers, the best use of space was to add drawers for additional storage.
This bespoke cabinet in the closet was custom-made by the firm and features small colorful doors, alluding to a magic cube.
The tables on the ends of the storage aisles can be workspaces for employees, thanks to power outlets and USB plugs.
Butler's pantry with herringbone backsplash
Photo caption: The second floor features this clever storage design—a “hidden space,” as co-design studio refers to it.
The home features plenty of storage and joinery to accommodate the needs for a growing family. High quality fit-outs and joinery, as pictured above, give this space a luxurious feel.
The lacquered panels’ of the bespoke storage unit conceal a direct access to the bedroom from the main entrance through a double door, like a secret entrance that keeps the room private and independent.
In the entryway, light is provided by a minimalist glass globe, built-in within the unit, and through another niche that peeks into the living room.
Additional storage is everywhere.
A cut-out, light pink doorway connects the living area to the entrance while hiding closet doors on both sides.
The couple maximized storage in every inch of space on the bus.
A clear railing follows the stairs to the second floor.
Australian paint by Haymes envelopes the interior, including vertical and built-in storage.
A boat ladder style step leads up to a small portico.
At one corner of the cabinet wall, a short flight of steps, shaped like a boat ladder, leads to another closet-like door that opens to a small portico.
Central cabinet
Photo caption: In the entryway, drawers tuck under the mezzanine, niches hold artwork, and speakers are built in line with the cabinets.
Photo caption: Clean lines in plywood and ample hidden storage give this home a sleek contemporary look.
Photo caption: This renovation preserved the depth behind the medicine cabinets for linen storage.
Sarah accesses a custom storage unit in the hallway, an addition that made use of a space behind the wall.
The new entry and mudroom are open and spacious. Floor to ceiling matte grey cabinets were added for storage. A full length bench with pull out drawers below takes advantage of new large front window.
On/Off Monoblock by Boffi
Meg Home | Olson Kundig
Meg Home | Olson Kundig
A drop-down countertop conceals dishware and other kitchen belongings.
The apartment is filled with storage units, including this custom piece in the master bedroom by Tom Clossey.
Generous storage is key to an uncluttered look. Drawers for shoes tuck away under the raised mezzanine floor.

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.