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Rust-colored travertine tiles from Byzantine Design line a bar niche.
Sliding doors crafted from Marblo conceal the television
Detailed casework and built-in furniture run throughout the home.
The bold pink hue was picked in collaboration with the client. “She wasn't afraid of color,” says Dyer, who paired it with a deeper burgundy shade for the doors.
There’s now a storage locker for each member of the family. They sit atop a platform made of stained oak, like the kitchen island. The cabinet maker customized the molding detail to match the width of the pulls.
Relocating the kitchen door and changing the windows to high, small units created much more space for storage.
Continuing the built-in elements and panelling in the bedrooms creates visual consistency and eschews the need for additional furniture that may bring clutter.
For storage, IKEA carcasses were wrapped with painted MDF exteriors for a streamlined appearance. "The new, simplified design with the doors painted the same color as the wall means the wardrobes are less dominant," says Astrain. "This helps the room feel less crammed, calmer, tidier, and bigger."
Wall-mounted storage also provides a place for everything while reducing visual clutter.
Integrated shelving and a built-in, padded bench tucked behind the shelves greet visitors. A mirror to the left enlarges the space, as well.
Due to the grade of the site, the front door opens onto a landing between staircases. A wall-sized pegboard made of Douglas fir plywood is used for hanging coats, bags, and other necessities. “The house is like a well-tailored suit that addresses a range of daily routines,” Cuddington observes.
The view from the closet to the bedroom.
Custom cabinetry in an emerald green hue threads through the main space and into the closet of the private master suite.
The combination of the iron gate and the interior wall creates a range of options for the homeowners. They can open or close up everything completely, or partially close one wall and leave the other open, depending on their privacy needs.
One of the biggest challenges was reinforcing and leveling the floors—which had a four-inch difference between the highest and lowest points—before pouring the concrete slab. The concrete floor runs through the entire apartment except the open shower room, which is tiled.
Vast white oak joinery separates the public and private spaces and offers plenty of concealed storage.
Local artisan Daniel Poole designed timber built-ins that help maximize space in the house.
A television is concealed inside.
The master bedroom, or "sleeping cube," is tucked inside a black steel framework with a storage side facing the living room.
The entry hall is another snapshot of design experimentation with wood built-ins, open cubbies, and simple brass hooks.
The firm specified a museum reveal around the windows, doors, and cabinetry, as well as over the flush baseboard. This keeps the scheme minimal and creates a “very simple tracery where you have a punctuation in the architecture, and then you reveal back to the soft white drywall walls,” says Klymson.
The ceiling pitch reaches three meters high.
After sitting vacant for a few years, the apartment was gutted and outfitted anew for a European fashion designer who lives abroad but likes to visit Rio de Janeiro to spend time with friends and listen to classical music.
By reconfiguring the main areas, the designer was able to incorporate a mudroom area with custom bamboo built-ins.
"The unassuming ink-toned cabinetry is lined with an unexpected burst of brilliant salmon pink; a punchy gesture that balances the strength of Tom’s artworks without overshadowing them," says Lynch.
In the living room, the couple placed a midcentury modern sideboard that they found at a secondhand shop.
The rounded edges of the living room’s openings correspond to the CNC router used to cut the wood. “It can’t cut straight corners, so we decided to make them curved,” Tapias says.
With the same materials that were used originally—like the mahogany and Douglas fir in the living room—Dominick and Scott sensitively restored the interior. Knoll fabrics cover the vintage Paul McCobb stools.
A custom-made shelving unit provides plentiful storage for the family's collection of books.
Custom millwork maximizes storage throughout the home. There is even a special location for the cat.
The bed platform can be lifted up to access a carpeted storage cavity beneath it, as well as a water heater, converter, and batteries. Two deep dresser drawers have built-in dividers, and thanks to The Modern Caravan’s attention to detail, the cabinetry fronts are beautifully grain-matched.
With a stylish blue-and-white palette, Margot now radiates a sense of calm and tranquility.
Warm, natural light creates playful compositions on the fractured wall planes, while also changing the tones of the living spaces throughout the day.
Off of the dining room is the butler's pantry with a beautiful soapstone sink.
At first, the Freemans wanted to install an espresso bar in the upstairs home office—but foreseeing many children's parties in their future, they set up the space as a gift-wrapping station instead.
The custom-made reading nook. A Fnnch poppy mural is located on the outside wall.
The sculptural end piece to some of the cabinetry in the kitchen echoes some of the other arched motifs. The natural wood is an anomaly in the kitchen, whose cabinets, backsplash, and countertop feature man-made materials.
The wall of built-ins elegantly curves to meet the wall behind it.
Hygge Supply cabinets are designed to fit perfectly to create a streamlined look.
Detail shot of kitchen cabinetry with open shelving.
The brass sideboard by Jonathan West matches the other aged brass elements in the apartment.
Maximizing space is key. Here, she's placed many options for storage in an alabaster hue so the space still feels open.
The principal suite and office are now connected by a pass-through closet. The doors have a light green stain, and the hardware is the same as in the kitchen.
"White space was preserved in the kitchen by creating a pantry in the addition," say the architects. They continued the "language" of the cabinetry, which also conceals the refrigerator, and inserted a custom spiral staircase to connect the main floor to the garden level. An enlarged rear window that can be seen from the entry brightens up the space.
The mother's bedroom cabinet holds a built-in cat house.
The resident kitty exiting the cat house in the mother's room.
The cat, prowling in the dining area.
A view into one of the apartment's many cat holes.
A red kitchenette by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri dominates the space, tempered by a more neutral Beni Ouarain rug. The storage rack in lavender is by HAY.
All new flooring is natural oak.
The master bedroom is surrounded by plenty of storage—from under-bed storage to custom cabinets integrated with a long countertop that adds a sense of spaciousness.
A USM credenza holds vinyl and booze. Music flows via a  Pro-Ject Debut III turntable, a pair of Elipson Planet L speakers, and a Music Hall Audio amplifier.
Brooklyn, New York
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
The museum showcases a collection of authentic TWA air hostess uniforms designed by Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Stan Herman.
Light-pink built-ins flank one wall of the bedroom, providing storage and a bit of fun flair.
A bright blue feature wall strikes contrast with the texture and color of the oriented strand board and black surfaces. The storage piece is custom-made.
The red volume unifies the different functional zones within the apartment.
Brass punch out that frames the view into the kitchen. Lim + Lu focused on framing internal views around the apartment.

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