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More closets and built-in desks with plenty of drawers are in the office and the studio.

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Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
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Now that the interior’s palette is firmly in place, Winterhalder has slowly been adding splashes of color. E27 pendant lamps from Muuto in the kitchen and guest room have 

red cords; one wall in the guest room is also red, with matching red locker storage. The inside of the front door is painted bright green. “For me, they’re kids’ colors,” she says. “I just love them.” 

Margaret Oomen created the perfect pegboard sourcing inspiration—and got a can of chalkboard paint—from the aisles of Home Depot.
Level 2 mezzanine
In such a small space “you have to organize, and every piece takes a decision,” says resident Heidi Wright. The couple keep things they use less frequently, like guest bedding, in the higher cabinets.
A colorful, laminate-clad wall of storage stretches seamlessly from the kitchen—where it holds a full-size built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, a Miele dishwasher, a Bosch cooktop, and a tiny convection oven—to the bedroom, where it contains the couple’s clothing, shoes, and linens.
The other side of the "vault" houses a powder room with a concealed toilet and nature inspired wallpaper. The single slope sink is a custom piece by Concrete Interiors who also fabricated the wetbar countertop. The wall mount faucet is Axor by Hansgrohe.
“Materials were a major consideration in this house,” says Massie, who created a curtain wall with steel supports adorned with sandwiched layers of birch plywood and amber acrylic. “When light enters that wall, the layers of acrylic allow it to come through and glow—it’s really quite beautiful,” says Massie, who added the same acrylic for the thin window at the end. “That plays off the yellows in the Gambone ceramics and the Eames storage unit,” notes Wooten.
Exposed brick and a 1970s sound system add to Proud Mary's comfy vibe.
“When we buy something new, it’s usually with the intent to replace something we are ready to part with. It’s a delicate balance of give-and-take.”
When entering into the house, a long corridor faces a large window and leads out to the pool and deck. The first floor also includes the children's bedrooms and utilities.
The kitchen cabinets are custom-made from salvaged cypress.
The console is vintage Florence Knoll.
Entry rift & quartered oak millwork storage, closet & bench.
Guest bedroom rift & quartered oak closet, display shelving and door to storage.
The main built-ins—a sofa bed, table and chairs, and plenty of storage—run the length of the space and are tucked snugly beneath the ceiling. The green Tube Top 14 lamp by Pablo Pardo is from Relish Design.
“Our desire was to have the spaces appear as though they were carved from a single block of wood, with the movable pieces an integral part of the overall composition,” says Vincent. “This created a feeling of seamlessness.”
Before breaking off on her own, Tacheny apprenticed with Chicago woodworker John Miller, designed for Blu Dot, and worked on Target’s furniture design team.
The Charm Townhouse - Master bathroom
The Charm Townhouse - Master bathroom - cut to size 'Carrara Bianco' tiles intensifying the high ceiling
Built-ins in the bedroom echo the cabinetry from the great room.
Close-up step-storage and moving divider panel with storage and usable surfaces
Mixing mid-century modern with pops of color, Eliza’s apartment has full height storage system with wonderfully wood grains, built into one of the living room walls.
Orpilla and Alexander’s first furniture purchase, a Christopher Deam credenza, now inspires a much larger collection of furniture.
Blond Dinesen Douglas-fir floorboards stretch the length of the house, framing its clean planes and lines. The stairs, which cantilever out from the house’s original bare brick walls, are mounted on brackets and made from the same material. The house and Dinesen itself are well matched: Both are just over a century old.
Cabinetmaker Ben Wilborn carefully matched the grain of the cabinets, which hold everything from dishes to a television, while a steel niche for the dining table leaf doubles as a display space.
Shoe storage and audio equipment are blended into the partition. Thus, subordinate furniture is no longer independent but merged into the space
Architects Silvia Ullmayer and Allan Sylvester helped reinvent metalworker Simone ten Hompel’s 576-square-foot flat, with a retractable skylight and streamlined storage under the stairs.

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.

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