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Designing Retail: Nike Stadium


In an effort to reinvent retail space and foster a community connection, athletic brand Nike started unveiling Nike Stadium locations in 2010. The locations in New York, Berlin, London, Milan, Tokyo and Paris “refresh” every few months, offering a mix of space for live performances and art exhibits, as well as a platform to increase retail awareness (Nike will, of course, find a way to push products). The ever-evolving locations provide an adaptive presentation space for design, architecture, and retail marketing.

Originally designed by architect Rafael de Cardenas, the Bowery Stadium location in New York City provides plenty of...
It's common for Nike Stadium locations, such as this one in London, to invite basketball or soccer athletes to speak...
Rafael de Cardenas says the concept of design and social interaction as a retail trend has caught on as brands try to...
Nike Stadium space offers a series of programming set in tandem with the sporting calendar as shown in the Milan...
For a stadium space to be successful, the community must get involved.
The bare-bones framework of many of the stadium spaces, like the white- and black-clad London location, gives each...
Creative workshops allow youngsters a chance to explore art and gives Nike a way to market product.
Bowery Stadium’s current “refresh” includes a push of Nike’s Flyknit running shoe.

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