Top 5 Homes of the Week With Top-Notch Woodwork

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Top-Notch Woodwork

Versatile and enduring, wood is a material that seems to work just about anywhere. From hallway ceilings to kitchen cabinets, take a look at some of our favorite homes that use wood in fun, creative ways.

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1. Montclair House

Architect: Jeff Jordan Architects, Location: Montclair, New Jersey

From the architect: "The areas of the renovation that became visible from the exterior were treated to be clearly distinct from the traditional appearance of rest of the house. A warm-toned cedar plank sheathing was used to contrast with the much cooler original bluish-gray shake siding. The final result is a dialogue between the old and new; a timeless exchange."

2. Twin Peaks Escape Pad

Architect: Ryan Knock, Knock Architecture and Design, Location: San Francisco, California

From the architect: "The Twin Peaks Escape Pad is a getaway that lies beneath an existing 3 story home on a steep down-sloping property that lies near the famed Sutro Tower in San Francisco. Views abound, the purpose of this new space was to serve as a family getaway underneath the existing home, used solely for entertaining and enjoyment. To highlight this zone, reclaimed burled redwood slabs were implemented as the tops and sides of the enclosed spaces, and serve as a dramatic feature for the whole space." 

The custom steel stair by Metropolis Metalworks serves as the centerpiece to the space. The live edge burled Redwoods slabs covers the listening area and wetbar. In the distance, the stair leads up to the rest of the home and more everyday life.

3. Two-Tree House

Architect: Golany Architects, Location: Israel

From the architect: "The house is constructed among mature Jerusalem pine trees. Two of the trees have grown in the exact place where the house was to be located. The site was tight, and this led to the decision to integrate the two trees within the perimeter of the house. Preserving and rendering the mature trees as part of the house required attention and care. It was a daring decision that resulted in a house with a special ambiance."

4. Hockley Valley Chalet Renovation 

Architect: Heather Asquith Architect, Location: Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "Updating the chalet with new finishes but maintaining the 'chalet' character was a particular challenge. Existing reclaimed wood beams were maintained but were set against whitewashed wood siding and a light wood interior. A new concrete farmhouse style sink maintains the rustic feel while complementing more modern finishes."

View of Kitchen

5. Abramson Residence

Architect: Strand Design, Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

From the architect: "Utilizing the modest footprint of the existing foundation, the Abramson Residence was designed in a way to maximize its tight parameter while still creating open spaces, a dynamic feel, and an unrestricted floor plan. Working closely with the clients, the overall aesthetic for this project seeks to maintain an expression of new and uniqueness, while also referencing the neighborhood. A mix of modern and rural vernacular, the Abramson Residence is well suited for its northern, Scandinavian-influenced Minneapolis, Minnesota, location."

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