Top 5 Homes of the Week With Incredible Outdoor Spaces

Ah, sweet sweet summertime. What better way to sit back and relax, than enjoying an epic patio, roof, or backyard. Browse through our favorite homes from this week that are designed to celebrate the outdoors.

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1. Breeze

Architect: MODO, Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

From the architect: "The couple spent a lot of time outdoors with their dog and cat, and they planned to plant vegetables alongside the verdant native species already growing in their garden. This was the detail Ong used to add dimension to the couple’s wishes, and he set out to create a modern addition that focused on the outdoors—all while complementing the Edwardian aesthetic everyone agreed to keep. 'So often I see extensions that try to blend the new works with the old house, and more often than not, the ‘blending’ creates a confused architectural outcome that diminishes the value of both,' he says. 'If we look at creating a contrast, we can address the different styles of architecture separately.'" 

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2. Greenpoint Row House

Architect: Delson or Sherman Architects, Location: New York, New York

From the architect: "We had to convince the owners of this wood-framed row house to renovate rather than sell. (The structure was unstable, the facades were filled with asbestos and vinyl siding, and the cellar flooded seasonally.) But now, they’re glad they did. Since the house is in Greenpoint’s landmark district, the front facade has a new period-perfect polychrome cornice at the top. In the middle are replicas of the original windows, casings, and clapboards. And at sidewalk level, an etched glass wall of windows gives luminous privacy. French doors in black steel open onto a new deck to the garden. A catwalk playroom overlooks the two-story kitchen at the heart of the house. The open riser stair is made from salvaged floor beams. Moreover, the wine cellar is bone dry."

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3. Caroline Place

Architect: Groupwork + Amin Taha, Location: London, England

From Leibal: "Caroline Place is a minimalist home located in London, United Kingdom that was designed by Groupwork + Amin Taha. Surrounded on three sides by eight- and nine-story mansion blocks shielding it from the heavy traffic on Bayswater Road and tourism on Queensway, Caroline Place is a quiet enclave of late-1950s terraces north of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Built with a modern northern European sensibility with sharp brick lines and crisp mortar joints that are layered with soft timber detailing, the interior layout remained firmly rooted in an earlier English Edwardian tradition."

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4. Big Cabin | Little Cabin

Architect: Renée del Gaudio Architecture, Location: Fairplay, Colorado

From the architect: "Set high on a rocky cliff at 10,000 feet elevation, the pair of cabins command panoramic views over Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains, the Collegiate Peaks, and the South Platte River. A thick forest of bristlecone and ponderosa pines surround the property to the north, giving the cabins a sense of privacy and protection. The cabin’s gabled roof and rustic materials recall the area’s early vernacular buildings. Exterior cedar siding is stained dark to blend the house with the surrounding forest. Large expanses of glass connect the occupants to the remarkable landscape beyond. Plywood interior walls and ceilings keep the cabin low-key and rustic." 

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5. Taghkanic House

Architect: Hariri & Hariri Architecture, Location: Columbia County, New York

From the architect: "A spectacular 140-acre piece of land in Columbia County, New York, is the site of this project. The scale and the mere beauty of nature required a careful study of the landscape and a master plan for sitting the structures, while simultaneously maintaining much of its rugged and rural beauty. The master plan includes a main house, guest house, large shed (for land maintenance equipment), vegetable garden, and dipping pool. Conceptually, the whole project and the main house are designed as a collection of volumes, which are a modern reinterpretation of farm structures and the barn and storage sheds that are found on surrounding farms."

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