Top 5 Homes of the Week With Exuberant Interiors

For the non-minimalists among us, these playful interiors have been painted with every color on the palette. Featuring vibrant furniture, colorful walls, and patterned rugs, these editor's picks aren't afraid to get bold.

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1. Beadle Buddy

Architect: The Ranch Mine, Location: Phoenix, Arizona

From the architect: "[The home was] originally designed by a pioneer of desert modernism, Al Beadle, [which] led to an exterior/landscape renovation to restore and build upon the mid-century desert appeal of the home." 

2. 4016 Tivoli

Architect: Cameron McNall, Location: Los Angeles, California

From the architect: "I designed 4016 Tivoli for my family as a total design living experience that represents my relationship to art, architecture and design. I adopted the Italian philosophy of design "dal cucchiaio alla città" (from the spoon to the city), where the architect applies a unified design philosophy and creativity to everything from small objects to environments. The result is 'total design' – you see it, live it and feel it."

3. DM House

Architect: Studio Guilherme Torres, Location: São Paulo, Brasil

From the uploader: "The project, which was initially an interior design job, grew into an architectural one and Guilherme chose to convert the 1970’s residence into a much more spacious and well-lit house.A large multi-color lacquer cabinet was the starting point for the whole project, traversing the rooms, organizing the circulation and giving the house a unique atmosphere."

4. Humangear

Architect: Boor Bridges Architecture, Location: San Francisco, California

From the landscape designer: "This indoor/outdoor office was created in an old mechanics shop in an Upper Haight warehouse for Humangear, a small product design firm. In the rear of the building, the roof had been removed decades past and the ruins of an old garden remained. Left were beautiful structural beams, large trees and great structure for a private office garden. The newly renovated indoor lunchroom and lounge made for a seamless connection into nature via a large roll-up door."

5. Crueta House

Architect: ZEST Architecture, Location: Barcelona, Spain

From the architect: "This house was designed in the 1950s by a local artist for his family. [Once] a leafy suburb with single family dwellings, the area has now become an integral part of the city. The challenge was to maintain some of the original charm of the house, which had some very special features and was rich in detail, but adapting it to the needs and taste of the new owners."

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