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This indoor/outdoor office was created in an old mechanics shop in an Upper Haight warehouse for Humangear, a small product design firm. In the rear of the building, the roof had been removed decades past and the ruins of an old garden remained. Left were beautiful structural beams, large trees and great structure for a private office garden. The newly renovated (by BoorBridges Architecture) indoor lunchroom & lounge made for a seamless connection into nature via a large roll-up door. Outside, the roof beams were painted in charcoal grey to contrast the sky and plants and the walls were stripped of paint to expose the rustic concrete aggregate. Boardwalk style paths were designed as "thinking trails" and extends out of the center cog which came as an inspiration from the "humangear" company logo. The custom ‘sunburst’ cantilevered booth seating surrounds the bluestone FirePit table for company meetings. It has built-in wide armrests to sit your computer or tablet. A nook nearby boasts a glass white board flanked by parallel benches to make a great atmosphere for brainstorming. An homage to the nearby "Hippy Hill" of Golden Gate Park was softened with grought friendly faux turf in a corner on the sunny side of the garden.