Top 5 Homes of the Week That Highlight Beautiful Woodwork

Top 5 Homes of the Week That Highlight Beautiful Woodwork

Wood has a way of making a home feel both warm and textured—and introduces a natural layer that can have a powerful effect on a space. From reclaimed-wood beams to Douglas fir siding, these applications in modern homes put the spotlight on the prized material.

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1. r3R

Architect: CCM2 Architectes, Location: Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

From the architect: "Calm, serenity, and purity of the elements inspired the concept of r3R residence, a project realized in an existing building. The proximity to the water and beach inspired the textures. Pure, sober, and rich materials—including steamed beech on the walls that takes the color of sea drift, American walnut in the kitchen, and treated "Hot Roll" metal—contribute to the spaces' sobriety and minimalism."

2. The Courtyard Modern House

Architect: De Rosee Sa, Location: London, United Kingdom

From the Leibal: "The Courtyard House is a minimal residence in London, United Kingdom. Designed by De Rosee Sa, the house is located on the site of a former garage in an awkward space between rear terraced gardens and a row of 16 west-London garages. Windows in the boundary wall were not possible. In response to this, the design includes two atria that bring daylight into courtyard spaces and roof lights throughout in order to draw light into the house."

3. The Guttman Loft

Interior designer: JIDK, Location: New York, New York

From the interior designer: "The first visual punch when you enter the space is immediate and strong. You enter into the main living space that holds the kitchen, dining area, and living room with double-height ceilings, a skylight, and exposed-wood columns and beams. The beams and columns were kept visible, exposed brick walls were maintained, and the original fire door was incorporated into the bathroom design."

4. Vance Lane Residence

Architect: Chioco Design LLC, Location: Austin, Texas

From the architect: "Located in West Austin, this 3,700-square-foot residence is home to a family of four. The design consists of interlocking linear, rectangular forms using local gray Leuders limestone, white integral color stucco, Douglas fir siding, steel, and glass. The composition, relative to the gently sloping site, creates opportunities to experience outdoor living spaces that are direct extensions of the interior rooms."

5. Spring Ranch 

Architect: Feldman Architecture, Location: Shasta Lake, California

From the architect: "Located in California’s Central Valley, this family retreat is nestled among the grazing livestock of a thriving walnut farm. From the base of a large hill, the house opens up towards eastward views of rolling hills along the San Andreas Fault. Three long, gently arcing rammed earth walls anchor both the indoor and outdoor spaces to the site."

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