This Tiny House Makes 240-Square-Foot Living Look Easy

This Tiny House Makes 240-Square-Foot Living Look Easy

By Laura Mauk
The Point by Modern Tiny Living packs a ton of style and storage—and starts at just $62,000.

"Our goal in designing The Point was simplicity," says designer Rachel Pitman, who co-founded Modern Tiny Living with architect Bruce Faris. "We wanted to create a budget-friendly, twenty-foot house that would feel spacious."

For Pitman, creating a tiny house marked by simplicity and a feeling of spaciousness meant connecting the home to the outdoors. "We wanted to bring in a lot of natural elements," says the designer, who chose a warm, medium-brown tone for the exterior. "It has a modern, cabin-in-the-woods feel," she says. "We used LP Smart Siding, which is one of my favorite products to work with due to its low maintenance, durability, and the beauty of its texture." 

The Point is clad with stained LP lapped Smart Siding and a standing seam metal roof that's flat at one end and pitched at the other.

On the interior, Pitman employed poplar tongue-and-groove siding with a light, natural stain that enhances the character and the variation of the wood grain. The vinyl plank flooring she selected has a similar natural finish. "Vinyl plank flooring is such a great option for tiny houses because it’s scratch-resistant and waterproof," she says. "This allows us to use it throughout the entire house and know that it’s going to be the best product long term for our homeowners." To punctuate the poplar siding and the vinyl flooring, Pitman painted the door and the cabinetry in the kitchen and the living area shades of green that reference nature. 

An elevated living area displays a built-in sofa that unfolds and also serves as a bed; drawers beneath the sofa offer added storage. The pitched ceiling above the living room area creates an airy feeling for the space.

For however beautiful The Point’s finishes are, the design for the living room is the tiny home’s most interesting feature. The area is comprised of a raised platform with a U-shape, built-in sofa that folds out and converts to a bed. "Our architect Bruce Faris created this cozy nook that’s the highlight of the house," Pitman says. Shelving units bookend the sofa and double as side tables for the area. 

Built-in bookshelves in the living area double as end tables. 

The tiny home offers plenty of storage, too. "The living area’s raised platform opens up to reveal storage underneath and the base of the couch contains drawers for added storage," Pitman says. "There’s also storage in the built-in staircase and the kitchen has drop down ceiling cabinets for storing spices and small cooking items." The designer also included a built-in storage box on the rear exterior of the tiny home for outdoor storage needs.

The ceiling and the walls of the interior are sided with tongue-and-groove poplar that's lightly stained to enhance the pattern of the wood grain.

Sealed concrete counters contrast with poplar walls and green-painted cabinetry in the kitchen, where a pair of hidden storage cabinets pull out from the ceiling.

Beneath the staircase, which features an iron pipe railing, are closets and cubbies that provide extra storage for the tiny home.

The bathroom walls display tongue-and-groove poplar siding with a light stain. 

A loft bedroom above the kitchen accommodates a king-size bed.

A built-in cabinet on the rear exterior was incorporated for outdoor storage needs.

"I think overall we’re just really proud of being able to build a twenty-foot house that offers as much storage as The Point does, while bringing in beautiful design elements and keeping an open feel," Pitman says. 

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Designer: Modern Tiny Living/@moderntinyliving


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