10 Greenhouses That Will Inspire You to Grab Your Gardening Tools

10 Greenhouses That Will Inspire You to Grab Your Gardening Tools

Rediscover the phenomenon of photosynthesis with these incredibly eclectic greenhouses.

Besides being a magical, glass-enclosed environment where plants can happily sunbathe and grow all year, greenhouses can also serve as another opportunity to push the limits with design and innovation. Scroll ahead to check out 10 of our favorite creations below.  

1. Eat Your Greens

To encourage children to eat healthier, a school in Brooklyn hired New York architecture firm WORKac to design this glass garden enclosure, which includes raised planters, a chicken coop, a cistern, and an indoor kitchen that serves as a classroom.

When Texan artist Tim Stoke and his wife, architect Natalie Wolberg, were renovating their Antwerp warehouse into a home, studio, and exhibition space, they designed Stoke's sculpture studio as a sky-lit, fully glazed, greenhouse-like space with an abundance of plants.

The modular Jellyfish Barge by Italian firm Studiomoble was designed with seven solar stills, as well as a natural desalination system, so fruits and vegetables can be grown in drought-stricken regions without sufficient arable land. Built with low-cost and recycled materials, the octagonal structure supports 753 square feet of stacked hydroponic grow racks. Launched in the Navicelli canal in Pisa, the floating farm has already produced a bumper crop of lettuce and radicchio.

This eco-friendly, A-frame lakeside home in the Swedish city of Gothenburg was designed as a greenhouse that contains a three-bedroom, two-bath residence. It provides the family with apricots, tomatoes, kiwis, and grapes throughout the year.

Making use of the benefits of moisture for plants, this small greenhouse has been created between a humid bathroom and a small private shower area of an apartment. 

Next to the shimmering pool on the second floor of L.A.'s The LINE, the hotel's restaurant is housed in a lush, urban greenhouse with ferns and succulents hanging from the ceilings.

Artists and gardeners Evan Shively and Madeleine Fitzpatrick tap into the magic of untamed gardens to create a Marin County oasis with a series of open spaces and gardens snaking around and through.

Next to the garage of this Texan ranch home, architect Ignacio Salas-Humara has created a small greenhouse by screwing translucent, plastic panels into the cedar structure.  The thermostat turns on the exhaust fan when it gets too hot in the summer.

Once a plant nursery—and home for the nursery’s owners—this 120-year-old home in Vachon Island has a luscious greenhouse that can also be used for special events.

Sited on a wooded lot across from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, this contemporary residence by 5G Studio Collaborative blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors with plenty of glass walls, a large garden, and a greenhouse. 

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