You Can Now Have Your Own She Shed, Man Cave, or Yoga Studio for Just $12K

ESCAPE, the well-known designers of tiny homes on wheels, unveils EscapeSpace—modern portable sheds that can be placed anywhere and used for almost anything.
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With real estate at a premium around the country, ESCAPE's latest entry in the tiny home category, EscapeSpace, offers a personal extension of your home in a compact, but pleasing package. The sheds can be used for simple utilitarian needs like storage, or they can become auxiliary places  for work, sleep, and play. The opportunities are endless and according to ESCAPE founder Dan Dobrowolski, "The only limit is your imagination."

Whether you desire a simple storage shed, a yoga studio, a mountain home, or a guest retreat, the customization allows you to define your own EscapeSpace. 

Every EscapeSpace is meticulously handcrafted and will enhance any landscape where it is set. Derived from many of ESCAPE's other tiny building projects (Canoe Bay and ESCAPE Tiny Homes), the architectural form is an adaptation of successful projects where form and function blend as one. With a starting price point of $12K, the portable buildings are beautiful and affordable. 

Clerestory windows allow light to filter in the space from all sides.

Simple reveal lines in the exterior wood cladding create a sleek, modern look.

Three designs have been unveiled ranging in size from 12 to 16 feet. Each can be delivered as a simple shell you finish yourself, or a custom-designed retreat with finished interiors, electrical, plumbing, and even solar-powered options for off-grid use.  You pick what you want and EscapeSpace delivers it. 

If you desire to finish the interiors yourself, your shed will arrive as a shell with the exterior enclosure completed.

The first design is called the Studio. With an open floor plan, the layout is open to endless possibilities and perfect for work or play.  Rectangular in form and massing, the simple silhouette exudes a modern aesthetic. The Studio Base Price starts at $11,900 for the 12-foot option and $14,870 for the 16 footer. 

The Studio features a sustainable wood exterior with a custom stain blended with tongue and groove cedar, a six-foot patio door, and LowE thermopane windows. Add-on options include a cedar front deck with a bench.

The Glass Studio lets the exterior in with full views to the surroundings. On the interior drywall, maple trim, and a maple floor complete the space.

The base Studio interior includes a long horizontal window and more enclosed exterior walls for privacy. With eight foot ceilings, the open plan provides plenty of space for whatever your escape entails.

A heavy EPDM roof with an aluminum fascia caps the Studio shed.

The second design, MA, is titled after the Japanese word Ma which means "space", or "an emptiness full of possibilities, like a promise yet to be fulfilled." The clean-lined design is ultra-modern with glass walls and a slanted roof. The MA Base Price is $12,800 for the 12-foot shed and $15,970 for the 16-foot one. 

The MA design is the ultra-modern unit in the bunch and tied to an ancient tradition of Zen design and craftsmanship.

The MA shed has endless purposes and its clean-lined design, accentuated by clerestory windows with the option of a window wall, will look great in any setting.

The finished interior of the MA shed is wrapped in wood providing a warm and inviting space.

The most elaborate of the three designs is the Classic, with details woven into every surface of the space.  From an empty shell to a fully built-out retreat, the Classic can provide essentials for anything from a tool shed to a guest house. The Classic Base Price starts at  $13,950 (12 feet) and $16,400 (16 feet).

The Classic design looks like a tiny home with a gabled metal roof and traditional architectural form. Add the optional deck and lighting, and the Classic really makes a statement.

The Classic shed has the customization available to be a fully decked out private space, complete with a sleeping area, kitchen, and plenty of storage.

In this version of the Classic, windows wrap multiple sides drawing the outdoors in. A vaulted ceiling makes the small footprint feel spacious.

When fully built-out, details are integrated into every surface of the Classic. A solid butcher block flip table provides space for dining in the outdoors.

EscapeSpace buildings are portable, the legal equivalent of a shed, and can be placed on most private property. Every EscapeSpace arrives to your site complete and takes just under a few hours to install. You can avoid all the typical construction hassles with just one purchase. 

Check out EscapeSpace to learn more. 

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Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Kelly Davis, Principal Emeritus with SALA Architects

Builder / General Contractor: Dan Dobrowolski, ESCAPE

Interior Design: Dan George

Cabinetry Design / Installation: ESCAPE


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