5 Tiny Homes on Wheels

5 Tiny Homes on Wheels

By Dwell
Small and cozy, these gorgeously furnished mobile homes will convince you to downsize and hit the road in minutes.

Take a closer look at some of your not so typical trailer homes that we absolutely LOVE.

"Light colors make [your space] feel more spacious and airy," says Macy Miller. Miller's compact home in Boise, Idaho, built for only $11,000, is featured in our September issue.

The long sofa, bar, and television were obvious choices for a pre-show hangout, but how to achieve the continuous curve of the revamped Airstream’s interior was not. Baldridge and his team labored to find a kind of wood that would accept the serious bend before hitting on mahogany veneer. As for the new entry, he imagined it as a "modern I Dream of Genie bottle."

With a built-in sofa and sleeping loft, ATLAS can accommodate three adult travelers.

Container Store finds, like galvanized-steel shelving in the kitchen, maximize storage.

An exterior shot of a trailer at the camp.


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