Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sleek Black Kitchens

These modern kitchens adhere to the mantra, “black is the new black.” Glean some renovation inspiration from the homes that caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. Stalinskaya Building

Geometrium's design expertise lies in the apartment sphere, and the Stalinskaya building is no exception—this compact yet stylish kitchen packs a serious punch.

Design studio: Geometrium, Location: Moscow, Russia

From the design studio: "[We] designed this interior in the contemporary style from eco-friendly, natural materials. We create apartments with [an] area from 70 to 200 square meters, and country houses from 150 to 400 square meters for private customers."

2. 1220 E. 12th Street House

The kitchen in 1220 E. 12th Street House features floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on a serene grove of oak trees. The project was designed by Studio 804, a graduate student architecture and design program led by Dan Rockhill at the University of Kansas.

Design studio: Studio 804, Location: Lawrence, Kansas

From the design studio: "Located adjacent to Brook Creek Park, which boasts the second largest burr oak tree in Kansas, the house is oriented to maximize the unobstructed views of the tree and the surrounding natural landscape of the park. It is also a generous site, nearly double the size of the typical lot in its zoning district. With this extra room and interest in increasing density in the established neighborhoods of Lawrence, Kansas, an accessory dwelling unit was included in the project to add income property or a home for an extended family member. The house is modern, open, and flexible. Both the 1,550-square-foot house and the 500-square-foot accessory dwellings are fully accessible, and [the project] features a smart home system where the residents will have the potential to control the lights, window shades, and thermostat from one unit or an app on a phone."

3. Details

"We removed all the walls and defined the kitchen in the open space with black finishes," says designer Anthony W Designs. Details's all-black kitchen features a 16-foot-long marble counter and cabinetry by Lignum Cabinets.

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Artek Stool E60
Stool 60 shows off a bit more leg. The stool was originally designed by Alvar Aalto in 1933 with three legs. But the next year, Aalto added another. The result was the Artek Stool E60, which has four bent birch legs supporting the round birch slab seat.
Gubi Semi Pendant
The Gubi lighting Semi Pendant is both a funnel and a vortex, channeling strong down light from its flared shade. Designed in 1968 by Bonderup and Thorup, the Semi is a functional light based on geometric principles; the silhouette emerged by placing two quarter circles inversely together.

Architect: Anthony W Design, Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

From the architect: "The project was given the name [Details] because of the immense amount of time spent on the small details of a home that are often overlooked. From unique tile transitions, to see-through doors that double as a ladder, there was a lot of thought poured into every aspect in effort to make them as functional as they are unique."

4. 400 SOLA

400 SOLA's impressive kitchen is a mix of colors and textures. Homeowner Tobin Green designed the space to mesh many different styles in a way that feels urban and organic.

Homeowner and designer: Tobin Green of AADMIXX, Location: Tampa, Florida

From the homeowner and designer: "I designed and built my home myself [in a style I call] ‘urban progressive’—it's not just modern, or industrial, or contemporary, but instead it's rooted in all of these aesthetics on some level (and then some). I could talk for hours about my home's design details, but I'll end this briefly by saying that I've meticulously designed and fabricated virtually every aspect of this project. From the pivot-style Cor-Ten front door, to the cabinetry hardware. From the stucco control joints and window muntins, to various built-ins and pieces of furniture. If it could be designed and fabricated then I went for it."

5. Capilano Crescent Residence

MIZA Architects completely renovated the Capilano Crescent Residence. Nestled in the trees, the home is filled with light and plenty of space. The black kitchen offers a contemporary contrast to the white walls and light hardwood floors.

Architect: MIZA Architects, Location: North Vancouver, Canada

From the photographer: "A full renovation of a West Coast modern home overlooking Capilano River in North Vancouver by MIZA Architects."

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