A New, Affordable Green Home Comes to an Australian Eco-Village

Adapted for the Australian climate, the eco-friendly, low-maintenance CORE 9 house starts at $192,000.

The Cape Development, located at Cape Paterson in Southeast Victoria, is an eco-village of 220 lots, each of which will be occupied by an extremely energy-efficient home just a short walk from the beach. The latest model on offer is a CORE 9 prototype from the Wonthaggi-based architectural firm Beaumont Concepts

A "raked roof" promotes daylighting, while a 6Kw photovoltaic solar array with 4.8Kw battery storage generates clean energy. The front porch encourages socializing with the neighbors.

CORE is an acronym that stands for carbon positive, zero waste, recyclability, and economics. As such, the home relies on passive solar design and renewable energy sources, and uses materials that can be recycled or have recycled content. Construction waste was minimized during the build process. Highlights of the compact three-bedroom design include its nine-star energy rating, superior thermal performance, water-harvesting system, and streamlined style, all constructed for just $323,000 (or $420,000 in Australian dollars).  

The home's rectilinear floor plan facilitates coastal cross-breezes (or passive cooling), while thermally broken double-glazed windows ensure the building envelope stays tight to reduce carbon emissions.

In order to encourage affordability, the CORE design can be adapted for different energy star ratings (set by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme in Australia) and budgets, starting at a 6-star energy rating for around $192,000 (or $250,000 AUS dollars) and topping out at a 10-star rating (price to be determined).

The home boasts high indoor air quality thanks to zero emission joinery, low-VOC paint, stains, and carpets, and construction that utilizes cross-ventilation.

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HAY Hee Barstool
Inspiration can come from anywhere, and in the case of this stool by Hee Welling, it was a refrigerator. More specifically, the wire shelves inside the refrigerator caught the eye of this industrial designer.

In keeping with their design and construction approach, Beaumont Concepts filled the home with select handmade and locally-sourced products that are composed with upcycled or recycled content.

The kitchen stools are from Tuscan Outdoor Tables, a Dandenong, Victoria, outfit that crafts furniture from local Cypress and reclaimed timber.

A pass-through window in the kitchen connects to the porch for ease of socializing.

The burnished concrete floor contains 10 percent fly-ash and slag.

The throw blanket on the bed is from Seljak Brand, a company that produces recycled wool blankets from offcuts to encourage zero waste.

Four-star plumbing fittings, a 10,000-liter tank for rainwater harvesting, and an Eco Hot Water Heat Pump from Sanden promote water and energy savings throughout the home.

Project Credits:

Architect/Building Designer: Beaumont Concepts

Builder: TS Constructions

Photographer 1: Warren Reed

Photographer 2: Leo Edwards

Building Certifier: GBA


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