8 Glass-Enclosed Bedrooms That Cleverly Amp Up Transparency

Looking to modernize your bedroom with a sleek, unexpected twist? Glass is here to help.

It's no secret that large expanses of glass walls and windows can help open up and modernize residential interiors. Whether you live in a small apartment and don't want to sleep in a claustrophobic closet, or if you simply want a stronger sense of visual flow between the living spaces in your home, a glass-enclosed bedroom might be right up your alley.

To fuel your mind with even more design inspiration, scroll ahead for eight gorgeous examples of glass-enclosed bedrooms. 

1. A Futuristic Apartment in Montreal

Interior designer Anne Sophie Goneau remodeled this 130-year-old flat in Montreal, transforming it into a bright, white, futuristic-looking home with a glass wall enclosed bedroom. 

The bedroom is enclosed with a glass wall. A blackout curtain can be drawn closed for privacy. An IKEA cabinet and white lacquered shelves help to provide plenty of closet space.

2. A Sleek, Glass Cube in Hong Kong 

Sited in the commercial district of Wan Chai, Hong Kong, you can stay at this vacation rental apartment that has a bed set within a glass cube. 

This stylish apartment in Wan Chai was designed with a glass-framed bedroom cubicle in the middle of the space. The sleek, open-concept kitchen is equipped with an oven, fridge, built-in washing machine, Nepresso machine, toaster, and powerful induction hobs.

 3. A Glass Bedroom Above Steel in Arizona 

In the Sunnyslope neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona, architect Matthew Trzebiatowski built his home with a glass-enclosed master bedroom that sits above an oxidized, corrugated steel structure. 

In this glass-enclosed master bedroom, a LC4 armchair faces the master bed. The moveable frame adjusts along the base, allowing the sitter to switch from upright to full recline, or lounge at a number of other sitting angles.

4. An Apartment That Maximizes Space in Madrid

Spanish architect Manuel Ocaña of Fast & Furious Office used glass walls to maximize space and separate functional zones in this modern Madrid apartment. 

These large, old flats in Madrid were converted into bright, modern apartments.

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5. A Stunning Bedside View of the Northern Lights  

This vacation cabin—officially known as the Panorama Glass Lodge—in Hvalfjörður, Iceland, not only has glass walls, but also a glass ceiling that allows guests to get the best view of the Northern Lights from their bed.  

The custom-made king-sized bed is dressed with luxury duvets from Böhmerwald, Bavaria, and fluffy linen from Schlafgut, Germany. There are window blinds for the walls if more privacy is needed, while the glass roof remains exposed to the sky.

6. A Renovated Home That Stretches Sunlight in Paris

When converting a former garage into a compact home for a family of four in Paris, French interior designers Céline Pelcé and Géraud Pellottiero of Atelier Pelpell located the glass-enclosed bedroom in a part of the living room that would allow it to make the most of the natural light pouring in from the windows. 

After repurposing the former garage, the space has now been transformed into a surprisingly spacious 700-square-foot home.

7. Bubble Domes in Northern Ireland

In the woods of Northern Ireland, these bubble domes are available for rent. Although they are not technically made of glass, they embody a similar transparent effect, making them perfect for any guests seeking a 180-degree immersive nature experience. 

Thoughtful furnishings provide luxury in the middle of nature.

8. Cozy Glass Cabins in Sweden 

Tapping into the power of nature to help urban dweller distress, Jeanna Berger designed these custom-made glass cabins, which are available as holiday retreats on the slim, three-mile island of Henriksholm in Sweden.

With large glass panes covering the cabin's walls and gabled roof, the changing light outdoors encourages guests to sync their sleep schedules with the sun.


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