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A Futuristic Apartment with a Glass-Enclosed Bedroom


Anne Sophie Goneau designed a sleek renovation for an apartment built in 1887.

When interior designer Anne Sophie Goneau first entered the nearly 130-year-old flat she was hired to remodel on St-Denis Street in Montreal, she found low ceilings, dark green wallpaper, and unsightly rubber floors. The musty space had long been due for a complete overhaul. But as demolition began, workers uncovered interesting steel beams, raw brick, and hemlock wood walls—original architectural features that were definitely worth saving. Goneau wound up not merely preserving them but making them the central focus of her design.

Goneau highlighted the red brick wall in the living room by leaving it bare and protecting it behind museum-quality...
The semi-closed entryway contains a white cabinet for storing coats and scarves.
The steel beam original to the building was left exposed but toned down with gray, flame-proof paint.
In the kitchen, Goneau illuminated the brick back wall with an LED strip recessed in the counter and contrasted it with...
A radiant hot water heating system was installed under a new concrete floor slab above the old foundation.
Goneau matched Audrey Chairs from Kartell with a dining table she designed herself.
The bedroom is enclosed with a glass wall. A blackout curtain can be drawn closed for privacy.
A original hemlock wood wall clads the corridor leading to the bathroom.
Light from two frosted windows fills the bathroom.
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