10 Tiny Happy Hawaiian Huts

10 Tiny Happy Hawaiian Huts

It's often said that small is beautiful, and some believe that all you really need in order to be happy, is a hut and a heart.

Of course, it might help considerably if your hut is immersed in the tropical, tranquil splendors of Hawaii. Here is a selection of modern, eco-friendly, small-scale Hawaiian huts that have truly impressed us.

Artist Jay Nelson’s new tiny house in Haena on the garden isle of Kauai.

Avava Prefab Tiny House has brought design and drafting solutions to Hawaii homeowners, real estate investors, and contractors.

Bellomo Architects’ modular House Arc, which was just a prototype before, is now being fabricated. The House Arc can be ordered online and shipped to any location, where it can be assembled by the user or community. 

New Frontier Tiny Homes' Alpha Tiny Home is the company’s flagship model.

This tree house on Hawaii’s Big Island was designed by TV’s Treehouse Masters. After being led down a steep path from your accommodations, you have access to hiking, exploring, lava tubes, rainforests, and plenty of birds and flowers.

Tiny Pacific Houses is the brainchild of Hawaii-born Brandon Hardin, who saw the trend gaining popularity in the Pacific Northwest.

This custom-built hut by Habitats Hawaii can sleep five people. There’s a single bench/bed in the kitchen and a window bump-out bed with a double punee’ downstairs. The main bedroom boasts a queen bed in the loft.

Designer and dressmaker Kristie Wolfe built this tiny off-grid getaway on the Big Island for just $11,000. It operates on solar panels, a rooftop rainwater catchment system and a toilet-sink combo that sends used water from the sink to the flusher. 

The Little Coconut in Kailua is a lovely micro-cottage that you can rent or vacation in via AirBnb.    

This tiny house on wheels is by Tiny Heirloom. To make the home more eco-friendly, the owner installed a solar panel nearby to generate power.


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